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A little light on the situation

I’m moving this week. Again. To a house I absolutely love, which is a lot closer to the trailheads and mountains.

If you care to throw some good juju my way: the Golden City Council will be deciding June 7th if certain areas of town (including my new little homestead) can keep chickens. Keep those claws crossed, will you?

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  1. Have you been to a Golden City Council meeting yet, Kelli? If not, look at the schedule right now and see if there are any other meetings planned before June 7. Often the whole City Council only meets once a month, but if you can go to another, quasi-related public meeting, it will help you know what you’re getting into. You might also take a glance at a few past Council agendas, to get an idea what you’re in for. Do you know whether this is something the Council has talked about in prior meetings?

    I’ve been to few Council meetings, but I’ve attended a number of other public meetings that have been well-attended by very engaged audiences. I’ve heard the least informed people voicing the most infuriating opinions possible. The best advice I can give you is to try to imagine yourself in the shoes of each individual who speaks on the topic. As a renter, the Council may not take your arguments as seriously as they will a homeowner who they see as vested in the community. The housewife who supports your position? Think about how you can talk to her, to identify with her & her argument. Then do the same with the crotchety old Tea Party guy who equates backyard chickens to the UN’s Agenda 21 (I’m not even kidding – these people are everywhere) and figure out ways to make arguments that he’ll support (backyard chickens are a way for your household to be independent of corporate egg farmers, to be self-sufficient [“sustainable” is a dirty word to these Tea Party types], and make vague comments about onerous City regulations [but remember, ultimately you need the Council on your side, so be careful here]).

    Sometimes hearings on issues like this one get really emotional. The Council might continue the question to a future meeting. A Council member might aggressively drill you on specific points, only to turn around and support you in the final vote. Manage your emotions. Remember that it isn’t personal. Be professional and extremely polite (The formal way to address the City Council is “Mr/Ms. Chair, [Members of the] Council…” which you might consider using when addressing them for the first time – I’ve seen City staff address a Council or Board this way every time the staffer answers a question).

    If you think you’re going to have a fight, call me – I’d be glad to help in any way possible. Fingers crossed for you, for sure! 😉

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