Like Cricket, but Better

Cafe late, pomegranate, passion fruit

Such promise

Light rail!

The African roommate and I joined a group of friends last night to watch the Diamondbacks get slaughtered by the Cubbies. The adventure started on a great note with frozen yogurt in Tempe and my first ride on the light rail. Come to find out, I’d find the train ride far more entertaining.

Eliza and Ryan

Used to be Bank One Ballpark -- BOB

Running in Sedona Red

We went with a large group and ended up squished at one end of the row. It was hard to socialize and let’s be honest, I don’t go to baseball games to watch the game. It’s about spending time with friends, people watching, making fun of the women wearing heels at a ball park and guessing what the vendors will be selling next, as they bark their way up and down the aisle. Matt had many questions about baseball and unfortunately was sitting next to me.  I was far more interested in talking to my girlfriends than explaining why foul balls are strikes only to a point.

Plus, I’m not so sports smart. I get the basics, but don’t ask me why pitchers in one league have to bat and not in the other. I don’t get it either.

GO Ketchup!

What I do get is the condiment race, where kids dressed like hot dogs race and the entire stadium cheers, “Ketchup!” “Mustard!” “Relish!!” Seeing those little ones in their little buns running as quickly as they can is worth the ticket price alone. Again, how to explain this cultural hiccup? We are a culture in love with food? That’s not news. Better yet —  they are kids. They are dressed like hot dogs. That should be funny in any culture.

It very well may be

Dbacks vs. Cubbies

Ultimately I decided I’d explain American baseball with the best of my eloquence, arrogance and patriotism: it’s like cricket, but better.


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  1. I’ve been to several baseball games in my years and I’ve never seen kids dressed up like hot dogs! We had the dot race, which was three dots racing around a track on the big screen. I always found it entertaining, but now that I know about the kids in hot dog costumes I feel a little cheated.

  2. I love your simplified explanation for your friend. Along with the varying and often confusing rules, American baseball has its own sort of spirit. To me, there’s something magical about attending a game and participating in the traditions like the wave and 7th inning stretch, the food, and the whole atmosphere of it all. I don’t get that same feeling when attending other sports events, even though they’re fun, too.

  3. I love the little games in between innings. My local team does one game where they play musical chairs with huge plastic blow-up chairs… hilarity ensues. I am not really a big baseball fan either, but Matt talked me into quarter-season tickets this year, so I have a feeling I’ll be spending quite a bit of time at the ballpark.

  4. I’m with you-sports bore me. I’ve only been to one D-Backs game and that was enough but I didn’t see any racing hot dogs.

    The yogurt, on the other hand, looks delish and I’m still awaiting my first ride on the light rail…as soon as I can figure out somewhere it goes that I wanna be.

    Your photos are always very crisp!

  5. We listened to that game on the radio!! I’ll have to tell my husband that one of my internet friends was there ; ) — he’ll be very jealous. We typically take the kids to a Cubs game every year but this year things (when we could go) were already sold out! I have to admit I’m not much of a sports fan, but when you live with four baseball fans (and go to lots of little league games) you end up learning a lot in spite of yourself, lol.

  6. It’s the same for me when I go to a football match with my husband, it’s more the atmosphere, the people, the colorful banners, what captures me, not the game itself. But it seems you had a great time.

  7. It’s too bad I wasn’t there to sit with your buddy Matt. I would have gleefully explained all the intricacies of baseball with much detail and enthusiasm, probably more than he would have ever wanted to know…

  8. Awww…I miss a good Dbacks game at BOB (I’ll still always call it that)! But, that’s a tough call b/c we love the Cubbies too! Great pics as always!

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