Little House in the Desert

January 29th

I’ve been knitting. Like a lot:

January knits

January knits

January knits

January knits

January knits

And am plotting the next project too:

Current knitting project

And sewing a bit:

Zippered pouch for Marissa

Knitting needle roll

Knitting needle roll

And taking lots of long, happy walks with this smiling pup:

cutest puppy ever


So, between this and the gardening and making of grapefruit marmalade, I’m feeling very Little House on the Desert.

Speaking of Laura Ingalls Wilder — did you hear this story on NPR last night about the down and dirty real memoirs South Dakota is publishing? I am so wanting that thing. (At $45 a copy, I may just wait my turn in line at the library. Excitedly!)


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4 Responses

  1. Look at what a little busy homemaker you have been!!! KUDOS!! I’ve been knitting tons too – lots of new babies being born at church are getting knit hats 🙂 I just saw that article – I absolutely adore Laura Ingalls. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on written by her and about her. I’m looking forward to the new book – sounds really interesting.


  3. I’ve finally figured out that my fingers itch to knit from early December until about March. Now if we only lived a bit closer to the ocean, I could call home my Little House on the Beach!

  4. I LOVE my Kelli Donley handmade knit hat!!!