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September 16th

Live in Phoenix and love ice cream? Me too. If you are in the neighborhood, consider a new shop that my friends just opened: Sweet Republic. They are an incredible duo with an even sweeter love story. You can read the details, or just swing through for a scoop and ask them about it. They specialize in odd flavors, including bacon. Adam, did you read that? Ice cream AND bacon. It might be your version of heaven.

Phoenicians itching for something cultural and fabulous to do this weekend should consider the Eye Lounge downtown on Friday. Sam — you writing this down? As our resident weekend activity coordinator for sweet things to do in central Phoenix, this certainly needs to be added to the agenda. My friend Eliza is opening her new exhibit of photographs and they are stunning. You won’t regret stopping in to see her great work. And when in the neighborhood, Conspire Coffee Shop has a rad collection of vintage T-shirts.

Have a scoop and get the scoop for me. I’m off to the Lone Star state for some family time.


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  1. Rad?

  2. Oh sweet fancy jesus. That sounds awesome!

    Have fun in TIXAS!! (That’s not a spelling error, that’s how they pronounce it.)

  3. Eliza looks to be a funky find!

  4. Seriously? Bacon ice Cream…I might need to make a trip to Phoenix.
    Have a fun time in Texas with the fam!

  5. have a great trip!

  6. Have a fabulous time with your family Kelli! David loves bacon, need to get him to your neck of the woods and taste that bacon ice cream — perhaps I should try and make some myself. We’ve had garlic ice cream so bacon can’t be all that bad. πŸ™‚ Have a safe trip. Hugs!

  7. Enjoy your time away!

  8. Consider it done. But I need to clarify: did I just get relegated to the level of party planner? It’s a noble cause, yes, but I hope that our relationship means more to you than that!


  9. I wish we could get together! Be safe!

  10. Kel, have fun in Texas! Pick up a magnet for me, will ya? Tanks! One of my goals is to get your package in the mail this week. Letter withdrawal!! Hugs!

  11. Are you working for the local tourist board? I whish I lived closer to get some ice-cream!

  12. Have fun in Texas! Safe travels and happy times with your fam.

  13. What a fun ice cream place! Have fun with your family.

  14. Have fun in Texas. I may have to check out the photographer’s work and stop by for some ice-cream. Thanks for sharing. ~D

  15. Have a great time with your family, Kelli!