August 25th


Did you notice last night was a full moon? Couldn’t have been coincidence. The “Under the Same Moon” signing brought more than a 100 of my friends and family under one roof, too. I honestly couldn’t believe how many people were there — my grandparents and uncle from Tucson, my mama from Texas, three of my favorite teachers, many family friends who’ve taken me in as an additional child since my parents moved, my girlfriends, coworkers, fellow church attendants, bloggers and I think, just maybe, even a few strangers.

Little fan

Bill, Mariah, Julie, Jennie


It was a night I’ll never forget. Today I am so full of hope, happiness and gratitude.



Thank you, dear blog readers. You too are included on the acknowledgment page.


(And there are many more photos and video clips to come, but I couldn’t help but post a few to start off the day!)

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! Tears of joy my friend, tears of joy!

  2. How lovely! It looks like a great bookshop too, and you couldn’t have picked a better night. A full moon?! Kismet!

  3. kelli I am so happy for you. I want to say proud too but I don’t know well enough that, but it’s, it’s the pride you feel for a friend or a fellow woman, sister, for reaching a goal, a dream. You are an amazing woman and I am so thankful for the seatbelt covers that led me to your blog! LOL. I am excited for you and this next chapter in your life. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Loved the roommie shot in the audience!

  4. Yay you!! I was thinking of you last night. Amazon assures me my copy is on its way. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Congratulations Kelly!
    Wishing I had been there too!

  6. I am so bummed that my family obligations got in the way of coming to your book signing! It looks like it was a roaring success!

    Good luck with book #2! I am mighty darned proud of you.

  7. So, can I totally brag about being the first to get a signed copy at this book signing!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ You were so awesome- I could tell in your mama’s eyes how so very proud she is of you, just as we all are!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations, Kelli! So well-deserved ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I was with you in spirit for sure, doll. SUCH an exciting moment! So proud. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’m so happy for you Kelli! The love and support for you and your novel is lovely to see. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Kelli, muy feliz por ti!!! Mil felicidades y que continรบe el รฉxito!

  12. It was a great evening. I felt all choked up when you first started your talk and what a talk it was!

  13. So thrilled and proud. I was there with you in spirit!

  14. You did a great job- I really enjoyed hearing you speak. Lisa and I weren’t able to stay for the book signing since both of us were sick, but we wish we had been able to. Congratulations!!
    Lori (Stearns) Heilner

  15. I’m so sad that I missed it. I came back from Reno on Monday and was just so exhausted that I forgot to make my plans for going out last night. Chris asked me today “I thought you were wanting to go to Kellys’ book signing?” and I just said.. ‘uh.. doh’… I hope it was fantastic and I look forward to reading the book.

  16. congratulations! my book is ordered and on it’s way! i can’t wait to read it!

  17. You looked so nice and lovely! I can’t wait to see more, I whish I was there too!

  18. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. So excited for you. You have the talent and grace that being a successful author takes. Wish I could have been there. You go girl! Can’t wait to get my copy and read it.

  20. Kelli, I am so excited and happy for you! What an accomplishment. Let this be the first of many for you!

  21. rohanknitter August 28, 2010

    That had to be so thrilling and amazing!!! I’m so happy for you!! (and I need to get over to Amazon and grab one of those !!)

  22. Oh my goodness I have been out of the loop! I had NO IDEA this was going on. Yay you! How exciting and phenomenal. Congratulations!

  23. Justed ordered on Amazon, can’t wait to read it! Gratz Kelly! I know this was a dream of yours, so happy for you.