Madame Esme

March 5th

We are one step closer today to having Madame President, who would be sworn in by our Madame Speaker of the House and holy moly I can barely contain the feminist in me from doing cartwheels around the office. Yahoo!

my happiness

To celebrate Spring, the changing of the political tides, puppies, fresh flowers and all the other nonsense that makes me giddy on an 80 degree day in Phoenix, I pulled out my cruiser bike for a ride. The tires were long since flat, so I cleaned up Esmeralda {She’s green, and there is a theme here. Her perkier cousin Ruby wasn’t too pleased I was cheating on her with the older, more established model. Then again, Esme has never not once dumped my ass in traffic. I still have scars from my last crash with Ruby. Just goes to show you there is often something comforting to the wider, softer, sweeter model.}


Esme needed new tires ($25) and to be hauled to the bike shop in my trunk. She’ll be picked up and ready to go by tomorrow, when I plan to ride her all over Tempe to get my groceries and errands accomplished. Exercise, enjoying the beautiful weather and not a bit of carbon wasted in the process. Ah, life is good. January 20, 2009 cannot get here fast enough.

Afternoon joy


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21 Responses

  1. Everyday is more and more exciting here in America. It’s a not-so-quiet revolution! For the first time, I really feel like we are headed for better times!

  2. oooooo! I have a total crush on Esmeralda! She’s a beauty. Have fun!

  3. Hurray for Hillary! I envy your 80 degree weather.

  4. Awesome bike! And yet another reason to move to CO: cruisers are the official summer mode of transportation in these parts. It’s so flat here!

    (And it is SO nice to hear people say something good about Hillary. I am so sick of Barack supporters saying things like “looks like McCain will be president” as if they aren’t even going to bother voting should Barack not get the nomination.)

  5. I like that last photo! 🙂

  6. That’s a really cool bike. I am definitely envious of your warm day! It was about 75 last weekend, but then we got 8 inches of snow. Will winter never end?!?!!

  7. I love esme. I’m actually thinking about getting a bike (with a basket) to run errands with. You make it sound so nice, that I’m going to restart my search!

  8. Love the bike! Beautiful weather, isn’t it? Honestly, none of the candidates are “Spectacular!” Too bad. (However, Obama is the worst–my opinion.) Cheers to a prosperous nation though and God Bless the USA! 🙂

  9. You mean 20 jan 2009…..and I can’t wait too. Also here in Italy, we are looking for a change, but the one in USA will affect us too.

  10. Ok, you’ve totally helped me rationalize my need to buy a cruiser! I have a mountain bike, but yow, they can be brutal!

  11. To the bike shop? I know for a fact that bringing Esme up to speed (if you’ll pardon the expression) is completely within your capabilities as a bike mechanic. If you don’t think so, ride that bad bike over to my place and I’ll show you.

  12. That bike is so cute! It makes me want to put a basket on my mountain bike!

  13. Love the bike Kelly! You are such an inspiration, I admire so much of what you do. I need to get me a bike now..

  14. jealous of that warm weather! your bike is a real beauty… my plan is to get one this spring and get out and exercise! we’ll see how that pans out…
    enjoy your weather!!

  15. I echo jt’s sentiments. I quite literally have a bike shop in my back yard. Fixing a tire yourself saves you the $10 the shop will charge for install and the pain that goes into hauling it. Maybe next time 🙂

  16. Now that is my kind of bike! We just enjoyed bike rides along the Pacific. It was thrilling!

  17. I agree with you about Hillary! Woohoo! Have you seen this website? (Ignore the Obama stuff below the countdown clock.) There’s nothing like knowing exactly who soon Bush will be gone to put a smile on your face!

  18. I, too, think “wider, softer, and sweeter” is much better…it describes ME!! LOL


  19. Oh a most perfect beach cruiser!!! When ya coming to visit?

  20. I’m lovin’ the old school bike. Very cool!!