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February 27th

shutters, stars, dress form, white and soft blue

I work in international health. I get to travel about nine weeks a year to far off lands to manage and develop health projects for the poor. I truly love my job. Not a day goes by that I don’t find myself truly thankful for being in this line of work. I’m very lucky.
This past weekend I was in charge of a giant fundraiser. It was the first time I’ve been responsible for this sort of event and it took about six months of work to pull together. We had 500-plus people attend and early estimates show we raised about $100,000. Thankfully, it was a huge success. I am even happier that I’ve got nearly a year until we do it again.

blue and white quilts

Needless to say, I haven’t been crafting or baking as much as usual. Last night was the first time I’ve been able to sit down and really sew in about a month. No photographs of my CAOK projects yet — they need some final touches before their Kodak moment.

yellow and white room

However, I did manage to find time last week for a haircut. While waiting for my trim, I browsed a new magazine, Country Home. Have you read this? The March 2007 issue was the first time I’d even seen this magazine and like I’d been struck by cupid, I fell head over heels in love. The cover photo is ugly, but once you get past the chartreuse, the interior photos and information really speak to my style and current love of all things shabby chic. {French shabby chic is even better!}

dreamy kitchen table and setting

I cannot believe that I’m finding myself loving the country-farm-shabby style, but I am. Why fight it? Instead, I drooled over these photos and am making plans to incorporate more of these colors, textures and styles into my home.

just my type indeed

If you are looking for a design magazine with great decorating tips and well-written articles, I highly recommend this issue.

I'm going to find this table for my living room


dress form, stars, turquoise table, purple flowers

P.S. I very well may have to file an extension for my February entry to the In Stitches Sew Along. What a flake I am! To be an organizer and to not have my project completed. C’est la vie.

P.P.S. I got quite a laugh from my stylist when during my haircut we were discussing art. She mentioned that while she loved Frida Kahlo, she still really wishes she’d had time to wax those brows and mustache.

lovely country dining room table
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21 Responses

  1. oooh lovely and drool worthy. Who cares where inspiration comes from as long as it comes. 🙂

  2. I have had a subscription to Country Home for quite awhile. Some of them I drool over and some are too much for me and they end up in the “cutter” pile for the boys. But I did love the “Just Her Type” article. And glad you got a haircut! What a great, quick pick me up. I need to follow. Mine is getting out of control.

  3. That is such a great magazine! My mom subscribes & I usually steal her copy 🙂

    Hope your doing well…take care

  4. Congratulations on a job well done with the fundraiser–I am so happy that is was successful. All the work you put into it will benefit others immensely.

    I wouldn’t worry overmuch about being late with the February In Stitches project–life has a way of establishing our priorities sometimes that don’t quite fit into our intended schedules.

  5. I get that mag too. I love that article on Just Her Type and have decided that I’m going to print big numbers in cool fonts and frame them. Well, I’ll probably never get around to it….

  6. did you see the special last night about oprah’s school that opened in africa? talk about wonderful! those girls are all so vibrant & full of life despite their situations. kudos to the girls of africa & to oprah!

  7. I love love love that style, especially the first bedroom photo.

  8. I LOVE this magazine! I’ve been subscribing since the summer of 1999 and I still have every single issue. Just LOVE it.

  9. Congrats on the fundraiser… an no worries about your In Stitches project 🙂

    As a magazine-aholic, I love Country Home, Country Living and probably Cottage Living even better. Country Living has a great issue out – female entrepreneurs. Inspiring for us crafty chicas.

  10. Love the blue and white quilt and the coffee table. I’ll have to look for the magazine. Thanks!

  11. Congrats on the successful fund raiser! Now that you’ve tackled a huge project to benefit the health of others, hope you get some time to whip up a special eye mask and take care of yourself with a healthy nap in a cute and cozy room. That white and blue bedroom looks perfect for a well-deserved respite!

  12. Absolutely my style! If only I had more money….

  13. Ooh! I’m stopping by to get one of those before my meeting tonight – French shabby chic is right up my alley too. And I’m a total slacker when it comes to the In Stitches Along. It is going to be top priority crafting for March, so don’t kick me off, OK? 🙂 Your job sounds great and congrats on your successes!

  14. What a lovely post… I’m not going to have Kodak moments any time soon, I think I’ll switch to Canon moments instead (fighting with Kodak), I love that style as well but can’t seem to manage it…ciao

  15. congrats! i love your job, too 😉

    you know…i have an abundance of older, yet still wonderfully composed issues of country home (and country living)…if you are interested…but peruse with caution.

    i repainted and rearranged my house 3 times in 2 years because of that subscription.

  16. Congratulations on your fundraiser. And on having a job you love.

    I’m on my third ‘career’ and enjoying it, but not loving it…. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

    I’ve bypassed that magazine many times, but never even flicked through it. The blue and white bedroom however is calling my name.

  17. Congrats on the successful fundraiser! 🙂 That is just wonderful.

    Such lovely photos, so pretty. I like that they aren’t overly “country”, but they still have that shabby chic thing going on. Very nice, I never would have guessed the source.

  18. You took away from your sewing time to run a giant fundraiser? Where are your priorities?! 😉 Seriously, just thinking about organizing such an event gives me a little bit of a stomachache. I’m so glad it was a success!

    Yeah, I was surprised by how much I enjoy a “Country” magazine, but it sure is filled with the pretty.

  19. Congratulations on your success with the fundraiser! How do you get it all done…and still find time to run as well?
    Oh yes…Country Home….they had the greatest special edition for Xmas with the coolest projects…still working on some of them!!

  20. i love the warm colors and old wood in these interior spreads. very, very different from my crazy-colorful house, but lovely to look at nonetheless 🙂
    and your fundraiser… congratulations!! i am helping to do one now and it is a huge task for sure… and this is a much smaller scale, 200 people and we’re hoping to raise maybe $20,000. i will have to pick your brain for ideas 🙂

  21. oh kelli, your job sounds so satisfying! traveling, helping people, what’s not to love? the baking and crafting will be waiting for you, 🙂

    ps, that bit about frida is hilarious! 🙂