Make It Work

I am slowly turning our third floor into a sewing room and office. The room started as our catch-all for boxes we didn’t know where to unpack, rolled rugs — purchased for our New Jersey home — with its gorgeous hardwood floors, and stacks of books that didn’t make it to the haphazard piles on bookshelves downstairs.

I wanted a space to iron, cut and sew fabric. I also wanted things to be organized in a way that allowed me to access them. If I have to move a dozen boxes to get to the one I need for that one additional element to any project, it simply won’t happen. After a few weeks, it is starting to come together. Far from perfect, but better than where we started.

First find: a chair and cushion at Goodwill — purchased for $5:

The making of an arts + crafts loft

The making of an arts + crafts loft

Second find: a small farm table to replace the one I loved in Golden. This one is smaller, but it will work for my sewing machine. (Or a laptop, if we want to work up here as the weather cools.) Carpets unrolled, chair pulled in and this little table works like a charm.

The making of an arts + crafts loft

But dang it, if that doesn’t still look messy. Baskets of sewing books and that printer were driving me crazy. Also, I don’t have anywhere to cut my fabric, which was sitting with the ironing board in a corner:

The making of an arts + crafts loft

And those little windows needed some attention. Curtains. Some funky curtains. Another cheapy Goodwill find, a good washing and ironing and voila:

Creating a sewing room

Perfect? No. Functional and better than staring at tiny venetian blinds? Yes.

A trip to Ikea with a gift card later — two more bookshelves were added upstairs and that clutter took a much better turn:

The making of an arts + crafts loft

Creating a sewing room

Creating a sewing room

As for cutting the fabric, for now, I’ll have to share the sewing table and make the best of it until I find another sturdy table that will work.

Creating a sewing room

A pretty and functional space.  A minimal investment in new things. A focus on using what we have.


9 Replies to “Make It Work”

  1. Hey, it might not be Pinterest material but You Have A Sewing Room!!! How awesome is that? All my craft stuff is crammed in a closet or in file cabinets in the garage, of all places.

  2. I’m glad you have a space to be creative! I love that rug.

    I also have the luxury of having a room to craft. I have an 8 foot plastic folding table from Target. It isn’t ideal, but I can use it for other things and I take it with me when needed. My big excitement is finding 2 IKEA bookcases new in the box at a neighborhood garage sale recently for less than half the original price, receipt attached.

  3. You have inspired me…my plan of action before this time next year is to fix my upstairs room (that overlooks the pond with four beautiful big windows). For the entire time we lived here (20 years egad!) that space has been the catchall, place for the cat litter box (still no good place for that thing) and I had dreams of it being a play room, then a library, then a family room…well now it will finally be all of those things, except it will be a grown up play room, a place to create, meditate or curl up with a good book and cup of coffee and watch the most beautiful view from the third floor. And your sign “Do what you can where you are with what you have” speaks to me as that is what my mother said to me! This is going to be a great year, I can just tell!

  4. Kelli, could you put your sewing machine on the end of the table and then use the other end for your cutting mat? I can’t really tell how big the table is,
    but that might work.
    Your space is awesome!

  5. Well done! A sweet, homey, functional space–with great character! (Ha! sounds like a wine we might enjoy–giggle)

  6. I like it, and it’s a space not intended for entertaining guests so it’s more than perfect. No sense to have more if you’re planning to move again…

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