Matty’s Famous & We Knew Him When

You know that African I had in the guest room for a couple years? The one I affectionately call, The Pink Golfer? Well. TPG has had a big secret for the last couple of months that I can finally share: he’s now a reality TV star too.

On lookers

Oh yes, ladies. That’s right. The professional golfer who became a pilot who speaks with an accent? Yeah. Now he’s on TV too.


(That sound you just heard? Panties, dropping in one collective, Scottsdale swoop.)

Matty was selected for The Big Break — a golf reality show on the Golf Channel. They filmed this summer in Ireland and the show is set to premier in a few weeks. For those who can’t wait, or just always wondered what Matt sounds like: a video clip of his bio.


Love this kid like he is my actual brother. Glad to see him having fun on this side of the pond and can’t wait to see all the good coming his way.


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  1. Well, he’s going to do just swell. What a wonderful experience for him (and for us getting to watch him on the Big Break!!). Personally, I’m sending him all kinds of great karma.


  2. I dated a South African guy right before I met my husband — nice accents.

    I hope he does well – his story about Zimbabwe is very sad.

    Good luck to Matty!

    My brush with greatness?

    – I was on a plane with Hulk Hogan once. He flew first class but the bathrooms were in the back — he is huge, and I remember he kind of had to duck to walk down the aisle (which he filled).

    – In 5th grade I had attended a church conference and was waiting in the hotel afterward for my parents to finish talking to their friends. A very nice man came over (he was with a bunch of his friends) and played pinball with me. Afterward people started coming up and asking for his autograph and taking pictures with him. I found out the Detroit Lions were staying at that hotel and he was one of the biggies at the time. I have no idea what his name was.

    – Supposedly we are distant cousins to the guy who played McGuyver.

    Yeah, they aren’t Matty stories but that is all I’ve got!

    xo, Kelli~

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