Want to take a look at the mayhem that is currently my art/craft space?

Studio mayhem

Bags of craft supplies for well-intentioned but poorly time-managed gifts.

Studio mayhem

Bags of gifts purchased to make up for all those other gifts that won’t be done in time.

Studio mayhem

A select few gifts that have been completed. (2, not 15 — mind you.)

Studio mayhem

The token wrapped gift — first in the pile to be mailed.

Studio mayhem

And the ever-so-helpful elves.

Back to it,


4 Replies to “Mayhem”

  1. I feel your pain! I had plans to knit a few more Christmas gifts, but in all the shuffle from scraping the ceilings, I’ve misplaced the yarn! Oh well…

  2. I know all of my gifts to my far away fam will be late. And I am not caring this year! Haha. I am too selfish with my own clothes sewing to care!

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