Mazel Tov!

Dradle Dradle Dradle!


First night -- a few days early

Kolberg: Best wine in the world. Love this Malbec

My very favorite wine in the world: Bolivian Malbec.

Trash can full of skins...

shredded potatoes, flour, onion and eggs

heating up


pushing them down


in the pan the go

Making Latkes with the Wrights

Flipping the cakes

Go potato!




Sour cream and apple sauce

What’s Yiddish for delicious? Because this gentile thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make latkes with the Wrights last night. Such a fun gathering of friends, great food, and of course with Adam (Salty Senor) — football.

The only downside of leaning over bubbling pans of frying food is you go home smelling like a McDonald’s employee. I woke up this morning, after having showered, and still felt like I smelled fried potatoes. It was coming from my laundry basket. Anyone else totally repulsed at smelling like food? I hate the stale coffee scent that sticks to your clothing in coffee shops too, which is why I keep a teeny bottle of Febreeze in my car. You laugh, but at least I admit to my neurotic behavior.

~Kelli, a Goya Berryer

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  1. I waited tables for six years.
    I dream about that smell. And they’re not good dreams.

    That food looks delicious, though. (I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like.) Small price to pay for a wonderful dinner with friends, huh?

  2. That 5th pic of the wine glasses–very cool! Love potatoes. Anything potato is a hit in my book! (As for smelling like food–I was a server for years. I showered after every shift to get the smell out of my hair and skin!)

  3. That is why I refuse to go in our cafeteria here. (well, that and the food isn’t great)

    It’s also why I won’t eat at Subway (I hate the smell in there, have you noticed it), and I won’t eat at BBQ places. They all smell, then it gets in my hair and I smell just like what everyone in the restaurant ate.

  4. I am so with you on the smell like food thing! I used to go to Chili’s with friends quite often and my winter coat- an absolute necessity in NJ- would stink!! Before Febreeze, I would take my coat off and race into the restaurant! Thank goodness for Febreeze!

    Also,those pictures scared me! I am so afraid of frying! I burned my finger frying potatoes a few months ago and I have sworn off frying! Tho, I do love me some latkes!

  5. I thought we were goyim? Ue always have matzo ball soup on the first day of Hannukah. I’m thinking about making latkes, too, this year, even though we are all fatties. I think we lost all our dreidels, but it might be something fun to do that night.

    I love how God has taken care of His people throughout history!

  6. Yep. I feel ya.

    Since I’m the latke cook at my folks’ Hanukkah party every year, I’m VERY careful about what I wear. Must be cotton and machine wash/dry. That way I can come home and immediately wash it on high/heavy duty.

    I only had to wear dry clean only pants one year to learn this lesson.

    No dry cleaning in the whole world can get out the smell of six hundred fried latkes.


  7. I worked at Wendy’s in high school. If I every went out with friends afterward they called me “burger.” It was bad enough for me to smell it all day, but that was the icing on the cake!

  8. What a fantastic idea to have fabreeze in the car! I totally smell like my favorite mexican restaurant when I leave ~ cant stand it at all.

    Our friend Martha (you know Martha Stewart) showed one time how to make the perfect latke. Definately want to try these one day:)

  9. I hear you Kelli. I do not like to smell like food either. Especially smell like hot oil. The few times a year David wants to cook something in his fryer I have him use it outside on the patio. That way the house and I do not smell like hot oil and I can wash his clothes as soon as he is done. Love the idea of a bottle of Frebreeze in the car and traveling with one. Note to self to get right on that. As to Latkes I love them. I use ot make them quite often years ago. I didn;t use much oil though – I lightly oiled a griddle on my stovetop and cooked them that way. They weren;t so greasy nor did it smell so bad. Looked like a lovely evening.

  10. Me too!! I hate smelling like coffee shops, fried food, maple syrup, etc. I make TH open all the windows when he cooks bacon because I hate the house to smell like bacon fat. Yucky.

    BTW – the latkes look yummy. Happy Hannukah!

  11. I make these! I cover them in flour and egg and then we put a dob of sour cream on them! Yum! I don’t care if I smell like potato pancakes! :p

  12. What a wonderful way to learn a new recipe but also share in another person’s spiritual culture. Your Febreeze idea is brilliant; I’m going to get a small bottle of it to put in my car, too.

  13. Whenever I cook with onions (at least once a week), our towels smell like it the next morning. Imagine stepping out of a nice warm shower, all clean, and wrapping yourself up with a towel that smells like onion.

  14. Hi Kelli – I’m a friend of Dee’s and come check in on your blog from time to time! I love your photos and all of your crafts!!! Always a joy to read!

    Ugh…I LOVE eating at Subway but I always leave smelling like “Subway”. I’m not even sure what the smell is exactly. It’s not bread…it’s just “Subway”! LOL!

    Leaning over a fryer = bad complexion too! Nothing fun about it! Except, of course for the yummy food!

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