Media Mix

My current mix tape  looks a little like this:


Movies recently watched and loved:

Holiday — Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn “Is this where the club meets?” Yes, any day. Such chemistry!

Arsenic and Old Lace — Cary Grant again, what can I say? I know what I like.

War Dance — beautiful documentary on the children of Uganda and their national music contest

TV show currently watching and loving:

Brothers & Sisters — tv simply doesn’t get better for me than this program. I want to be a Walker.


Ug, still stuck on Blindness. I need to get past this. I’ve got Lacuna waiting for me, and the Pioneer Woman in town tomorrow night with her new cookbook! Not to mention that giant new stack from friends. Something tells me I need to spend less time with my new boyfriend Cary.



Two words — Norah. Jones. My goodness, this woman is magical. I could listen to her albums back to back for the rest of my life and feel like I’m not missing out on a single thing. (And while we are at it, how fabulous are that dress and dog?)


I need some new suggestions. I’m back to being a gym rat (this time of year greatly reduces my courage to run alone around Tempe Town Lake. It’s dark. And scary.) So, I’ve got 6-8 hours a week of podcasts I need to load to keep myself entertained and not feeling like a spandexed hampster on a wheel. (The new gym is an anthropology doctorate waiting to be written. Let’s just say as I roll in with one eye still shut and my hair in a giant messy bun on the top of my head — truly lucky if my socks match — there are super stylish women in the salon downstairs getting “blown out” for their workday and others sipping on $6 protein shakes in the cafe across the way. Toto, I don’t think we’re at the YMCA anymore.) So, as I huff it in my high school swimming t-shirts and stretchy shorts, I prefer to feel like I’m learning something in lieu of joining the masses in watching FOX news on the giant TVs. Suggestions? Podcasts you love? I’m hooked to Splendid Table, The Moth, This American Life, Speaking of Faith and my buddy JO.

C’est tout,


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  1. What do you currently listen to? I need some new ones, too. I don’t get a good NPR here, so I do four or five NPR podcasts, then a mommy one “Manic Mommies” and a green one “More Hip than Hippie” and a car one (don’t ask, C got me hooked) “Autoblog Podcast”. I also do a videocast, but it rocks to just listen to, which is Sanjay Gupta’s CNN show, I love him!!

  2. RadioLab is in our rotation along with the podcasts that you mentioned. There are also oodles of craft-related podcasts to try out too. I listen to a few but none very regularly.

  3. Norah and Cary are the best!! Let’s see: Radiolab, NPR’s Planet Money, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff You Should Know, NPR Science Friday, and Travel with Rick Steves

  4. Really, was there ever a handsomer, classier man than Cary Grant? His handsomeness is timeless. Norah’s cool. I used to watch Brothers and Sisters but stopped. I do love Mad Men, though. Something about them all sitting around drinking and smoking at work…

  5. Spandexed hamster on a wheel! Priceless. Sometimes, that is exactly how I feel. I’ve also been trying to rev up my playlist for the long, dark winter of gym workouts ahead.

  6. First of all break up with FOX news. It will only make you cranky. I’m low tech when it comes to the gym. I get these dumb little things called play a ways from my library. It helps me bump up my reading time. It’s how I got through Atonement. Though, I don’t recommend listening to anything by David Sedaris while working out. It made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the machines.

  7. Old classic movies are always the best, and that man had class, needless to say.
    Norah Jones every day and twice on weekend!
    Give my congratulations to Ree for me, I just love the woman!

  8. What about Craftypod and Craftsanity’s podcasts, for a bit of crafty inspiration ? I always find it interesting and inspiring to hear artists talk about how it all came together.

  9. Do you actually HAVE the new Norah Jones CD/download? It isn’t supposed to come out until 11/17th – I’ve been searching for an early release to no avail. (John Mayer has a new one out on the same day.)

  10. I’m going to see PW tonight too! I’ll be on the lookout for you, though we’ve never met. I am SO excited for the cookbook!

  11. I saw you, but I was wedged up in a crowded corner and couldn’t make it to you to say hi. Did you have fun? I thought she was lovely! I am looking forward to diving into this cookbook!

  12. Check out It’s a completely silly and hilarious podcast based in Chicago & San Francisco. It started as a way for BFF’s Sara and Rob to stay in touch when Sara moved to the west coast from Chicago. They spend 30 minutes each episode talking about things they love — tv shows, music, food (lots of food talk), drinks, Trader Joe’s, etc.

  13. KRCW’s Good Food is another great food one, and there’s the Dinner Party download, which is awesome (quick review of news and funny stuff from the week). Also I don’t know if you have video, but a great thing for getting me to the gym lately is watching TV shows on my ipod. I buy a season and I tell myself I can only watch it at the gym, so it makes me want to go!

  14. I am working my way throught the Cary Grant box set. Just finished “Bringing up Baby” with commentary and documentaries. Totally get the crush but you might try adding William Powell and Myrna Loy to that list-“The Thin Man” series. For podcasts have you checked out “Vinyl Cafe”? And if you are loving Norah Jones may I suggest Regina Spektor “Begin to Hope” & Dala “Who Do you Think You Are”. But for just plain goodness

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