May 14th

I got my own seal. WOO HOO

I’m a copycat, yet again. My buddy Martie featured awesome stamped seals on her homemade jams in the December issue of MSL. I thought, “If Martie can have a seal, why can’t I?” I shot a few ideas to a crafty lady with design prowess and soon enough — I had an image I thought was just right. {Colleen must have had the same idea. She’s rocking the seal too!}
Speaking of Martie, tell me you saw this clip of her giving it to Lindsay Lohan on Friday’s show. Hilarious! It isn’t every day you see a former convict lecturing a 20-something about how to behave. Good thing they were in the kitchen because Pot and Kettle collided.
That said, LiLo — shape up. Rehab one month, a 21st birthday in Vegas the next. You are just too darned cute to act this way.


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20 Responses

  1. Too too cute!!

  2. What a lovely stamp! All sorts of uses for that!

  3. So, you took the picture, then flipped it in some editing program so that the name came out oriented correctly? Or, the name will be backwards when you stamp… 🙂

  4. Love it!!

  5. yay! it looks awesome!!!

  6. What a cool stamp!

    And I watched that episode with LaLo and it was hilarious. Martha was just digging on her so much. I loved lindsey when she was little! I think Martha was embarassing her too.

  7. Your new stamp is wonderful and so perfectly depicts your theme/logo. I’ve been thinking that I need to come up with some kind of little logo to put on my stuff, too. My tendency is a mermaid as I collect and adore all things mermaid (I’m a beach girl, y’know, even if I am landlocked in Tucson for now).

  8. LOVE the stamp! It is too cool.

    Yeah, that’s why I can’t stand watching MStew’s show. Her interactions with the guests just make me cringe every time.

  9. Go Martie!! She’s so cool lately. And richer than ever. 😉

  10. it’s totally you, totally, now how did you do it?

  11. I watched that Martha episode, made me laugh. Your seal is too cute.

  12. Hi Your blog just blows me away. Found you through a good friend Kim. I’m an old hippie/boomer (sort of) and retired social worker now organic farmeress and what you are doing is just fabulous! The positive evergy here is contagious…kudos to you dear. I am a huge Amy Butler fan too, love her fabrics. The aprons are adorable and so is your gran…if only I could look that fantastic at 73 yrs young! I’ll be back again to visit. Jenny aka kansasrose

  13. Yes, its YOU!
    I love it!

  14. fabulous seal. love it.

  15. I found the most amazing stamp store the other day in downtown Chandler- don’t ask what I was doing down there! I was hunting for a stamp to make my own, but I’m totally going to order one from here now!

  16. Fantastic! Nice to have artsy friends!

  17. Great stamp! Lindsay didn’t dare talk back to Martie in the kitchen with all those knives around. (She might have got shanked!)

  18. Too cute! Good idea also. I had some personalized tags made so I can sew them into my projects. I took Jane’s from Yarnstorm advise and ordered from a company in Australia. It took them a month but very good quality.

  19. What a cute stamp!

  20. had to wonder who Marite was. but super cool stamp. wowie.