July 30th

at least my pedicure looks okay

Yesterday Ruby and I had an early morning date. I thought we’d cruise up through Ahwatukee for an hour or so, getting in some hills and giving me ample time to catch up on podcasts. (I also needed to shake off two nights of shenanigans not conducive to tri training. I swear the best way to get over a hangover is a long, hard workout. Or greasy food.)

fixed my chain

The first hour was perfect; the weather was warm, but not abusive. The hills were tough, but conquerable. I was feeling strong and glad I’d gotten up to see the sunrise while pedaling like a madwoman.
It wasn’t until I made the final turn heading home that things went awry. I had already biked 30 miles and my shoulder and neck were starting to ache. Instead of looking up, I looked down at my knees, glancing up every now and then to provide my back with some relief. Dumb move.

hurts like you wouldn't belive

I didn’t see the large, orange metal merge sign until it was too late. I was about two feet in front of it, going 19 miles per hour, when I barreled into the sign and went flying out of the bike lane into traffic.
Thankfully, there wasn’t a car there to run over me. I hit my head on the asphalt, the sign came toppling down on me and my legs, of course, were still stuck in my pedals. When I finally sat up straight and realized what had just happened, I noticed I was bleeding. And my head really hurt.

that morning

A man who was driving behind me stopped and ran over to see if I was okay. The police were called and it quickly became an embarrassing scene I wanted to escape. I told them I was fine and I didn’t need paramedics, but, “Could you just help me get my chain back on my bike?”

which handlebar is not like the other

My hands were cut and bloody, but I got the chain back on, got back on the bike and thanked everyone who had stopped. It wasn’t until I got about a mile away that I realized my bike took a serious hit too. Poor Ruby needs new handlebars. And I need a new helmet. And to pay more attention. It is going to hurt to spend another $200 on tri gear this month.

i get in bar fights

However, the irony of crashing into a merge sign? Priceless.

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  1. From someone who runs into a wall at least once a day and stubs her toe at least 4 times a day…don’t feel so bad. I’m SOOO glad you are okay girl.

  2. Oh man. I’m so glad you’re ok!

  3. Wow, it’s a good thing you didn’t get run over. And bouncing your head on the asphalt sounds awful. Are you heading to the doctor to check for a concussion?

    My uncle lost a couple of front teeth (permanent ones) when he ran his bike into a stop sign as a kid.

    I hope your not too damaged.

  4. Dang, girl!! Be careful out there! Flying off ruby into traffic is serious stuff. Glad you are ok, aside from your bumps, scrapes and bruises. šŸ™‚

  5. Owieee! Thank heaven the cars were far behind you. On the bright side, every cyclist must have some road rash scars to talk about, so you’ve just moved up your status in the club šŸ˜‰ Here’s to quick healing.

  6. Owwww… I’m so glad you’re OK, though! Hopefully your finger will be back to a normal shape and size soon.

  7. Geesh, is my clumsiness rubbing off on my blogger buddies? I am so glad your okay and hope you heal quickly…ciao:)

  8. wow. glad you’re ok. see, that whole exercising thing just causes trouble….

  9. ouch! glad that you survived without any broken bones, but that poor finger looks like it has some healing to do! sending healing vibes your way. šŸ™‚

  10. ooooh grrrrl….this is brutal!!! I’m so glad your ok….yikes.

  11. holy crap! Now I feel super guilty about bailing out of the ride this weekend. We wouldn’t have hit that merge sign if I’d been in front. šŸ™

    I’d be *very* surprised if Ruby actually needs new bars. Looks to me like those brake levers just need adjusting. Bring her over to my house and we’ll give her a once-over.

    Really glad to hear it’s your helmet that needs replacing and not your head… Good job wearing protection. Really sorry to hear about the action-dismount. Ouch!

  12. Yikes — you lucked out. Sorry about your merging accident. Take it easy!

  13. dude…i don’t even know where to start. although i am super glad you are okay (should go without saying) i did giggle. a bit. until i saw that finger…owwee. at last you’re a lefty.

  14. ouch! glad it wasn’t worse — that looks surprisingly similar to a mountain biking accident I had where I ran into a tree. šŸ˜ heal up, both you and ruby!

  15. great story, for sure, but ow ow ow ow ow!

  16. Glad you are okay!!! OUCH!

  17. Wow! Your lucky to be alive! I’ve been riding to work a lot lately. The most dangerous portion of the ride is when I loose concentration or I’m looking the wrong way. You need to be vigilant at all times.

    A couple of weeks ago a guy on our message board died because he ran into the back of an SUV going 20+ miles an hour on a training ride, he died on the scene. That usually scares the shit out of me enough to encourage me to keep my wits about me and ride defensively.

    I also read this site once a week to remind myself how not to get hit by cars:

  18. Eh gads….that looks painful.Glad you were wearing a helmet and I hope you’re on the mend soon!

  19. Oh, honey. I’m so glad you’re okay. Be careful out there on the road – you and Ruby. Hugs!

  20. Yes, dear, I am sure that is not what “merge” actually means in this context.

    I hope you’re feeling better really soon!


  21. Sorry Kelli, but I had to giggle at your last sentence. And that finger doesn’t look good!

  22. OUCH, pumpkin! How scary!

    I am so glad that this wasn’t any worse than it was – and whilst I’m sorry that Ruby and your helmet both need some TLC – I’m so glad that it was them and not you!!!!

  23. Yikes – that sounded and looks painful! If it makes you feel any better, I passed out at the train station during my morning commute a couple of years ago and made quite a scene. I held up the entire train & morning commute for other passengers while the conductors and other extremely kind passengers sat with me waiting for the paramedics to arrive. It must have been a slow day in town because 5 paramedics arrived (who were all very attractive men making me even more mortified) along with 2 police units to whisk me off to the emergency room. I might also add that before I hit the pavement I took out a park bench which toppled over on top of me and I was wearing a skirt so I have no idea what the world saw before I went kerflunk!

    Your finger looks like it might be sprained – be sure to rest up before your next training!

  24. Ouch! Looks like you took quite a tumble. So glad you were wearing a helmet. šŸ™‚ Take it easy and get to healing!

  25. It must be bike wreck season! One of my best friends had a very bad bike wreck last weekend (she was in the hospital for 5 days with a head injury). She was not wearing a helmet.

    So glad you were!


    It only takes a second to wipe out.

    Anyway…I am happy that you’re OK šŸ™‚

  26. ouch! Looks like that really hurt. Glad to hear that you weren’t seriously injured though!!!

  27. That is a thrashing…I concur with the other 26 comments in that i’m glad you’re OK.

    That being said, everyone needs a few good sports-related you character. And leads to those types of conversations like in Jaws, when they’re sitting around getting drunk and telling the stories behind their scars…Those are my favorite.

  28. Oh my, Kelli–how horrible! I’m so grateful that you were wearing a helmet–despite the expense of some new gear, your safety equipment might be just what saved you from worse injuries although what you experienced is bad enough. Please take care of yourself and don’t try to push things too much while you heal.

  29. Oh man! You took quuite the beating. I am glad I read this before emailing to say HEY, HOW WAS YOUR FABULOUS WEEKEND!? šŸ˜€ I’m glad you are okay & wish you a speedy recovery of your bruises & scrapes.

  30. Ouch, I fell two feet about a month ago, it totally knocks the air outta yr lungs! Be careful out there.

  31. Ouch! At least you get a good story out of it, right? And I can’t get Chandler from Friends saying “MERGE” out of my head now.

  32. Hugs and quick healing vibes headed your way!

  33. Glad you’re okay! and Chris.. I love that! Constant Vigilance! Whatever Mad-Eye Moody. (I can say that.. he’s my husband). Not that I don’t agree that it’s true mind you..but I still reserve the right to make fun.

  34. OW! Hope you are feeling better Kelli,.

  35. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, friend.

  36. Good lord, imagine if it had been a Yield sign… You starting up a donation fund to recuperate your wheels?

  37. Ouch, ouch, OUCH, Kelli!

    I’m so happy that there wasn’t a car coming when you fell!

  38. Larissa Stretton July 30, 2007


    I literally gasped when I heard what happened!! Yikes!!You poor girl!! Thank goodness no cars were there, and that you only received bruises (and a bruised ego, I’m sure). Take care and keep your head up!!!

  39. God, I’m happy you’re ok! Now you know why I’m so against doing some exercise…….just kidding girl….glad everything can be fixed, Ruby and you. Take care.

  40. Merging with the concrete looks like a painful thing to try. I fell down my stairs today, resulting in only bruised esteem. Can I join the Clutz McGee club?

  41. oh kelli!!! that just looks like it hurts so bad!! and the embarassment of it all. i can almost see your hands shaking in the first pics. you know, when the adreniline of it all is still coarsing through your veins. hope all is well soon.

  42. Ouch, Kelli! I’m wincing just looking at those photos. I hope you’re okay.

  43. Oh my goodness!!!! You took quite a spill! I hope you’re better soon. Big hugs to you. And the irony of running into the merge sign is not lost on me =] .

  44. I am so glad you were wearing your brain bucket! did you break the finger? sending you smooches to make the boo boos better…

  45. ooohhhhh no! outch! outch! outch!
    Luckily there were people around to help you!
    I hope you always carry a cell phone with you, just in case!
    So sorry about your injuries.
    I never wear a helmet, I should!!!
    Hope those bruises go away real soon!
    Take care!

  46. Ouch! I hope that you go have a margarita to help with the pain! While you’re at it have some chips! Happy Healing!

    Thank goodness for safety equipment. Looks like the gloves and helmet did their jobs! At least the parts of your hands that the gloves were covering.

  47. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ouch.

    I am glad to hear that you and Ruby will both recover.

    And all athletes have some nasty training stories to tell.

  48. !!!

    I agree with JT, it just looks like your shifters got pulled off kilter – the bars don’t look bent. (I hope! It drives me nuts how much gear costs.) And yeah, I guess a new helmet is a better deal than a new head. Every cyclist is due for a good crash every year or two, I reckon. Let’s hope you’ve gotten yours done with for a while.

    It doesn’t sound at all like it was a contributing factor, but…do you really feel safe listening to your iPod? I always worry when I see people out on their bikes with their earbuds in.

    All that said, I must comment on the first picture – you have a divine pedicure!

  49. Oh my wow, those pictures and that story scared the crap out of me! I’m glad you are okay, but ouchie!

  50. Ooooowwwie! I am so glad you are OK! It could have been aweful if there had been a car. My cousin’s husband got hit. I am so sorry!!!

  51. Ouch! But don’t let this little “bump” set you back…you are my fitness inspiration and I need you and your tri-training updates to keep me heading to the gym!

    Put some ice on your owwies and pop some Aleve and get some rest…you really deserve it!

  52. Ditto everyone’s comments! Thank goodness for helmets. One of my best friends had a bad incident with rollerblades, a hill and no helmet. Eight years later she is still getting her teeth fixed. That looks very painful but you are working towards a goal and that’s something to be proud of! šŸ™‚ I’m so glad you are ok and there were no cars in your way!Hope your scrapes (and your pride ;)) are better soon my friend.

  53. Oh, I feel your pain. Thankfully you were wearing a helmet and not hurt any worse than you were. How bad did the ground look after the accident? Much damage?:)

  54. Sarah HB July 30, 2007


    I am glad it was only metal and a little skin scrapes!!!

    Hope you feel better.

  55. Oh ouchie! Are you sure you’re okay, cause that looks way hurty! My stepmom had a bad bike wreck in Colorado several years ago and she still doesn’t ride her bike. So cool that you’re going to keep on bikin!

  56. Oh Kelli–I hurt just looking at you! Take good care of yourself!!!

  57. I am not sure that that is what merge means? might be different in the US? šŸ™‚ oh you poor thing, lots of Arnica for the healing and if only somebody had got it on YouTube you would famous to! šŸ™‚ you be careful.


  58. OUCH! So glad your guardian angel was flying nearby to divert any oncoming cars!

  59. That just goes to prove “sport ist mord!”.

  60. I’m so glad you’re OK, as bad as your injuries look, it sounds like you’re very lucky not to have ended up in hospital (are you sure that finger isn’t broken though?) And looking on the bright side, your cuts and grazes match you nail polish beautifully! I hope you feel better soon xxx

  61. Look at all of these comments! Talk about being loved. šŸ™‚
    I hope you heal soon and I also hope Ruby does too. šŸ™

  62. P.S. The cards arrived today. I LOVE ‘EM! Thank you SO much.

  63. Whoa, that’s a tough spill! I’m glad you’re OK and that Ruby’s not too bad off. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  64. Poor you.. hope the injuries heal quickly to you, and to ruby.

  65. Hey Kelli-

    Long time reader, first time responder. OUCH! Are you sure you shouldn’t get that finger looked at?

  66. Dang! Is there some kind of bad juju going around? This morning I crashed my bike too! Except my little accident is rather more embarrassing… I was walking the bike. Backwards. I still ended up on the ground somehow, sprawled *over* the bike, but with a gouge in my ankle *and* knee. How the heck did that happen? All I know is that I am gonna have one huge bruise on my back side tomorrow. Luckily I had my helmet on already too, because I did hit my head on the ground! (And gagh, I think I’m going to have to walk home today, because already I am stiff.)

  67. Oh MY!!! I’m so sorry….I hope you heal quickly. My husband ran full speed once (head down in a tucked position)(on his mountain bike) into a parked car on the side of the road. Hi bike sustained really minor damage and he was remarkably unscathed as well – a little banged and a little bruised, but like you it really could have been much worse. A lady in a pickup let him load himself and his bike into the back of her truck and drove him back into town.

  68. Gosh!
    I’d say you have been awfully lucky…
    Get well soon, girls!!

  69. oh no! your poor battered body. and how is ruby? besides the handlebars and chain coming off? sounds like she made it through a bit better than you did.

  70. ouch, ouch, ouch.
    oh kelli, so sorry to hear about this.
    take care of yourself.

  71. Oh! are you better?
    Did you want to merge into the merge sign???

  72. GAH! I am glad you are okay now! How scary. Take care of yourself. šŸ™‚

  73. Oweeeeeee! That looks sore! I hope you’re feeling better now!

  74. You poor thing! Group hug for Kelly!


  75. ACK! I’ve been remiss in reading your blog and just now saw this post — you poor thing! I’m so, so, so glad it wasn’t any worse than it was, though. Healing thoughts are coming your way all the way from Iowa.

  76. You poor girl. How embarrassing to crash into the ‘merge’ sing, then call the cops.
    Hope you and Ruby are ok and your purse isn’t too strained.
    My Dad (69) is in a bike club. Riding around the 50km on a weekend. Mad bikeriders. (See one of my previous posts)
    My sister “used” to do triathlons and I was an avid spectator.

  77. ouch! hope you are all well – i haven’t checked in on your blog for some time and discovered this. you poor sausage! i am doing a 210km ride in melbourne, australia tomorrow called ‘Round the Bay in a Day’…

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