Min + Rebs

August 19th

I’ve got two girls sound asleep in my guest room at the moment — women I’ve been friends with since elementary school. They left their young families and possibly-overwhelmed-but-definitely-awesome husbands behind for a girls’ weekend. There is no doubt these few days will be some of my happiest this year.

We have a way of finding fun, no matter what we are doing:

Great Harvest Bread Company Baking Class


Matt and Bec

matt & bec

bec and carson

Bec cheers for ASU

Bec and Min

Ya Yas at the table

Feeling the babe kick

make a wish

Mini and the mimosa

Mini, booboo

Group photo, Mini prom

Mini + AB

One of these days I’ll get around to scanning the boxes of elementary, junior high and high school photos; just imagine — permed hair, stacked bangs that kept Aqua Net in business, neon jams, grunge plaid with Doc Martens and oh, the dance photos.




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4 Responses

  1. Best. Nothing better. Had a weekend like that with some of my besties and it is deliciously indescribable and fantastically awesome!! Hope you enjoy soaking up every minute and kudos to those awesome dads for letting those mamas have some time away!

  2. Ohmygosh. How fun Kelli! Thanks for sharing and I hope you guys have a great weekend—Love girls’ weekends! Enjoy to all of you!

  3. What an immense gift – life witnesses, unconditional love and endless laughter! No doubt it will be a cherished weekend and a reminder of the power girlfriends have to change your life for the better. Your history and present is a blessing.

  4. Maybe you should ask them before putting on those photos, it could be the end of a lifetime friendship, you know…..LOL