May 3rd

Totebags in Phoenix Suns' colors

I went to a funeral today for a friend’s brother who died in a plane accident. He left behind a wife, who is expecting their first child next month. They are both my age and the funeral left me with one of those crippling headaches behind the eyes that makes you want to crawl into a cold, dark cave and hibernate until such tragedy doesn’t occur. I cried so hard I’m sure made those around me uncomfortable. Sorrow for me at times is like a storm that suddenly becomes a hurricane. I was expecting the wind, but not to have my roof blown away.

So much easier than punching grommets

Tomorrow is Maddy’s birthday party. Sewing these tote bags this morning was creative therapy. It was mindless piece-work that kept me from curling up in a ball. I look forward to tomorrow, with the giggly girls and the rock climbing. It’s set to be a weekend of contrast. It’s cheesy and trite and cliche but true: each day is a gift. Today was a great reminder to live like tomorrow isn’t quite yet a done deal.

11 sewn = one tired girl


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  1. I’m sorry for your loss Kelli.

  2. Sorry for your friend’s loss and your pain, Kelli. I commented on the bags in Flickr before I saw this post 😉

  3. That’s right Kelli we are lucky to be here today and might not be here tomorrow. We have to make the best of every minute and always look at the good positive side of things. This tragedy makes me remember those days. I am glad we can enjoy little things like sewing, it is truly a therapy for me.

  4. Funerals for young people are very sad indeed. I love your totes; they will be a big hit at the pahty!

  5. The bags are adorable-the girls will love them. Good therapy indeed after a rough day. Words fail me when hearing about loss like that.

  6. sharon May 3, 2008

    There are really no words that can comfort, but I’m sorry. Your bags are adorable, how about a tutorial.
    sharon in sugar land.

  7. =( That’s terrible. =( All the best to you.

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁

  9. I’m so sorry for your rough day yesterday! But sometimes God gives us those days to help us put things back into perspective. My prayers are with you and his young family. We are lucky to have so many things to be blessed by!

  10. that is terribly sad…makes us appreciate life

  11. hi, i’m so sorry for your loss.

  12. Hugs to you!

    Was her hubby one of the people killed in that plane crash last week??? OMG.

    Cute bats!!

  13. (((Kelli)))

  14. Conhecias ele nao? Li no jornal sobre o acidente. Beijos.

  15. Thinking of you today.
    Hope the rock-climbing was fun; I’m sure the girls loved the bags..

  16. The pilot of that plane was heroic. As a pilot myself, I can only imagine the split second decision he had to make to save many lives. I pray for the victim’s families.

  17. What a horrid tragedy, Kelli. I am so very sorry.

    And what a loving thing to do during this time of grief; making the lovely bags is such a sweet thing to do for Maddy’s birthday party.

  18. Every day is truly a gift we should be thankful for going to sleep every night. My prayers are with the wife and the little unborn.

  19. What a tragic loss! (((((Hugs))))) as you come to terms.
    Tim’s aunt, who I’d never met, passed away in Phoenix last week – and now his mom is in the hospital in Mesa (thankfully now stable and on the mend) after a combined asthma/heart attack after they got there. All reminding us – life is full of the unexpected. Make the most of every moment.

  20. The bags are cute. I was wondering what was in the works–I was thinking lanyards or something. And, you sewed all of them in a morning!!!??

    Don’t you hate those reminders of our mortality? Tragic, and sad indeed. How sad for his wife and baby… 🙁

  21. Oh hon I’m so sorry! I will keep your friend in my prayers. I love those cute bags. I’m in the process of making a cute handbag for my mother for Mother’s Day!

  22. Kelli,

    Sorry to hear about your difficult few days. Very sad…

    I also loved your totes. I just got my first sewing machine for Christmas and would LOVE to know how to make these. Do you have a specific pattern? Any help would be appreciated.