Totebags in Phoenix Suns' colors

I went to a funeral today for a friend’s brother who died in a plane accident. He left behind a wife, who is expecting their first child next month. They are both my age and the funeral left me with one of those crippling headaches behind the eyes that makes you want to crawl into a cold, dark cave and hibernate until such tragedy doesn’t occur. I cried so hard I’m sure made those around me uncomfortable. Sorrow for me at times is like a storm that suddenly becomes a hurricane. I was expecting the wind, but not to have my roof blown away.

So much easier than punching grommets

Tomorrow is Maddy’s birthday party. Sewing these tote bags this morning was creative therapy. It was mindless piece-work that kept me from curling up in a ball. I look forward to tomorrow, with the giggly girls and the rock climbing. It’s set to be a weekend of contrast. It’s cheesy and trite and cliche but true: each day is a gift. Today was a great reminder to live like tomorrow isn’t quite yet a done deal.

11 sewn = one tired girl