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September 3rd

Future inspiration

Driving through Scottsdale last night, I passed a talent agency office I’d never before noticed.  I thought about the queues of the young and beautiful who must visit this place — with dreams of Hollywood and fame fueling their collective fire. I have to wonder why anyone would want to be famous? It can’t be the money. The majority of those who are superficially famous don’t seem to live lives of any higher quality than the average working Joe. Plus, this reality television culture seems to take relatively average folk and turn them into crazed-monsters.

But what do I know? My dream reality show would have contestants trying to feed, clothe and comfort as many people as they could on a minimal budget, ultimately judged on their frugalista fabulousness. Who had the most creative and holistic solution to the problem at hand? What? You had a coupon and got that for free? Perhaps this is why I spend my time with friends who do this daily — juggling career, family, limited funding and desires for luxury — without Rachel Zoe telling them what to wear.*

There are a bevy of talents and model behaviors I wish I had. I’d love to paint, play the piano, speak French with fluency. I’d like to have the compassion to always greet homeless people with a smile and something to eat. I want to watch “The Kardashians” and not beat myself up for enjoying really, really crappy television.  (Also, I’d like Kourtney’s hair please.) I’d like to be better with numbers and budgeting. I’d like to have an ounce of Julia Child’s cleverness, Martha Stewart’s prowess and Carolina Hererra’s style.


Instead, I’m working with what I’ve got, as my mama would say. This includes sneaking photos of creative things that make me want to recreate them with my own twist — like the bag above. Trees and birds seem to have everyone a twitter/flutter lately. I do love the simplicity of this design, although the factory cookie-cutter applique has to go. Instead, I’m thinking an appliqued tree with tiny embroidered bird silhouettes and TWEET stamped across the bottom of the trunk.

Off to scout,


*Don’t get me wrong. The idea of being a best-selling author fans my own flames many a day. Thankfully, most of us have no idea what even the most famous of authors (Dr. Suess, for example) look like. Top of your career + relative anonymity = perfection.

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9 Responses

  1. work what you got sista! you got a lot more than any of those gals any day!

  2. Oh, Kelli. Such true words. So much money and time wasted to inflame the vanity and ego of a single person or group of people. What has happened?
    Your reality show idea would be great, even if the T.V. people would look for a way to get the participants all nasty and at each other’s throat, not that I would mind seeing all that as long as the goal were to find a real solution to a real problem.

  3. Tina in Duluth who needs a new name September 3, 2009

    I love the bag too! I have had visions of doing very similar things for my etsy shop. I’m torn about all leaving behind all my felted wool. Would you help me use it???

    Thanks for linking your friend’s blog. She has some good AZ info that I’m sure we could use! It is a smaller world for me every day.

  4. A couple of summers ago we kayaked by dr. suess’s cliffside San Diego mansion. it was amazing. though seriously, i tend to put people like that (amazingly talented authors) on a pedestal and am shocked when i find out about their lives (danielle steel married a prisoner? and like a bunch of other guys?).

  5. Went wild at DF today and thought of you.

  6. I totally hear you on the whole famous thing. I think being very wealthy and famous must be a horrible way to live. I like your idea for a reality TV show too. How fun!

  7. I think many actors out there (or singhers,authors and other creative people) want to be known just for what they do – a great actor, artisit, writer, designer, not as a star or how famous they become. For some as you mention, fame seems to be a goal and that is hard for me to understand as well. Great post Kelli. And love the idea for your tree bag.

  8. Do you ever stop and think that people likely feel this way about the things you do? Sewing, gardening, cooking, being an awesome friend, being thrifty, working to benefit the underprivileged – you, Kelli, are an inspiration to many!

  9. wouldn’t that be nice to have a compassionate, caring, giving reality show. i know i would love it.