Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

May 1st

lounge pants, round II

Another pair of lounge pants from Amy Butler’s In Stitches and another embroidered tank. This monkey, like the first, comes from Sublime Stitching. Although I’m a bit scared by this one. Hopefully the recipient — a birthday girl — isn’t.

monkey tank, round II
lime green ribbon drawstring
scary monkey
Monkey, round II, wrapped and ready to go
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22 Responses

  1. Kelli, these look fabulous. Your recipient will love it! I don’t think the monkey is scary at all… I like how the face is a heart!

  2. Cute stuff – you’re on a roll! Yeah, I know April is over, but I must make some of these! My current pair of sleep pants have seen better days.

  3. Too cute!

  4. Nah, the face is a little hypnotic but still very cute. I really want to snaz up my sleep shirts now; my household would probably thank me. πŸ˜‰

    OK, what’s the May project huh huh huh?! I need to add *one more thing* to my to-do list!!

  5. I have just done 8 of that same monkey pattern for Aidin’s zoo birthday party + a few extras. I’m a little over it by now! But that’s a great gift. Who wouldn’t love that?

  6. Those pants with the tank are adorable!
    By the way, I just got my CAOK gift- thank you so much! I can’t wait to listen to it! Thank you again!

  7. That is sooooooooo cute! I love, love, love the color combo too.

  8. You are so creative and productive. That set is adorable–a perfect gift.

  9. I’ve always been rather afraid of monkeys and clowns to tell you the truth, but most kids love them.

  10. What a fun gift! I think the monkey is pretty cute!

  11. Adorable!!!! You’re so crafty. =]

  12. It’s a really cute monkey, Kelli, not scary at all. This is really a great birthday gift–how fun for the recipient.

  13. You’re really getting the hang of these embroidered tanks! Cute fabric for the pants – very cheerful. I’m sure they will enjoy the handcrafty gift. I know I love mine.

  14. The pants are fab! I love the fabric!

  15. You makemit seem so easy. Work, train, bake, sew and travel! Do you ever sleep?

  16. Wow, those are really cute! I love the embroidery.

    I haven’t gotten past choosing the fabric for my pants, and now I’m leaving for the first half of May so I guess I’ll have to get to them later! Can’t wait to hear what May’s project is.

  17. gosh.. two pairs in one week? I’m jealous, haven’t gotten through one yet! I love the monkey. She is very cute!

  18. Kelli, these pajama sets are so cute! I may have to make some myself.

  19. Another great gift. I love the fun colors in the pants. Great choice in fabric.

  20. Jennifer D May 2, 2007

    Again you amaze me! Love the pants and the monkey! What a great birthday gift.

  21. this one does have a bit of a wicked look πŸ™‚ another cute cute set though… the recepient will love it! and i am such a fan of your ‘june cleaver’ tag for your posts!

  22. Boy, Kelli, your creativity is at it’s peak. That little monkey, sooooooo cute. Who wouldn’t love him?
    Great job, honey.