October 17th

canvas pouches -- pre Monogram

I sewed a bunch of zippered pouches last night. They have wildly colored zippers and even crazier colors inside.

Distressed stamped monogram

A few ended up monogrammed with a rubber stamp.


Of course there was a small problem with a clipped corner…

Zipper gone bad

Zipper fail.

Otherwise it felt really good to sit down for some creative time.

What are you working on?


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  1. I’m embroidering! While watching TV! I feel my eyesight failing already!

  2. Tina in Duluth October 17, 2008

    Sorry about the failure! The bags are cute – what size zipper did you use? There are ways to fix the zipper, maybe without deconstructing the bag, unless too much was clipped. Wish I could work with it for you.

  3. I’m knitting felted pumpkins as a centerpiece for my dining table for Thanksgiving (provided they come out looking descent of course)!

  4. Love the colored zippers! Over here, it’s Halloween costumes. One Red Riding Hood, one Roman legionary, stat!

  5. These almost make me want to try zippers.
    I’m working on camera straps for my SILs for Xmas, and little diaper/wipes container pouches for friends with new babies.

  6. I hope to cut out some fabric squares for a quilt swap and then get to working on my tunics!!!

  7. love the zipper bags. I have been working on a monogramed canvas tote – great minds think alike:) next up sofa pillows or flannel pj pants.

  8. Good to catch up with you — every moment of your Mexico trip sounded fabulous! Fun zipper bags, lots of uses for those. Take good care.

  9. Those are cute and simple. Or at least they look simple enough to make, lol. Love your creations.

  10. Ah zippers! Bad memories of costume class 🙂
    I was just thinking of starting a project myself.

  11. Cute bags! I love the bright colored zippers with the neutral fabric.

    I’m volunteering my time to sew hospital gowns and adult-sized bibs for a hospice group. Very rewarding. And it’s helping me work through my huge fabric stash. 🙂

  12. Love those pouches! I just love zipper pouches! I’m working on a line of children’s clothing for my Etsy shop.

    You’ve been tagged!!


  13. These are adoreable!

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  14. Love them!! I am working on more crayon rolls for Christmas. I’m planning on making some clothing for a local boutique next week though.. I have my work cut out for me for sure!!!!

  15. Cute little bags. They’d make great makeup bags or travel pouches! You made all of them in a single evening?!

  16. WOW Those are really neat. What do YOU use them from? You could totally make and sell those you know. 🙂

  17. Cute pouches. 🙂 I just made this tote for a friend’s birthday.

  18. Nothing crafty at the moment but I am hosting the Celebrate Fall Extravaganza. Won’t you come and join the fun?

  19. popped in to say hi, haven’t been creative myself, glad you have been busy.

    Gill in Canada

  20. Oh yay, you posted on Make something Mondays! I’ll be seeing you every Monday there as well!!

  21. These are adorable!

  22. i like those! what kind of paint do you use for stamping on fabric? or are they special fabric ink pads? i’ve got stamps, i’ve got fabrics… for once i have lots of time on my hands!!

    i really should start making a list of all the creative projects i could do while waiting for the baby… so far all i’m making is a crochet blanket and a shopping bag…