More of that saving sunshine…

Citrus marmalade

Citrus marmalade

Citrus marmalade


Another 20 jars of citrus marmalade canned this week. (And yes, I did clean up the lip before topping these babies.) I’ve finally got this recipe down after 45 jars of jam made. This time I threw in a twist, adding a stick of cinnamon for the last 20 minutes. Then, I turn that giant pot of popping, smacking, angry boiling sugar to a medium low and just let it think for about 20 minutes, with plenty of steam still rising and my stirring arm finally getting a rest.

We’ve got lots and lots of jam and a mercifully decreasing amount of both fruit and fruit flies in the pantry.

Veggie Pizza


And homemade veggie pizza to celebrate. Yet another creative adventure at trying to use all that garden produce.

What’s cooking at your house?