August 18th

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  1. Kathryn Hosfelt August 18, 2009

    That looks so cool! You did an awesome job! I want one too. You are going to be very successful with your online boutique. 🙂
    Kathryn Hosfelt

  2. So cute, great job! Watch, the orders are going to come pouring in. I’ll have to assess my purse collection and fit one of these beauties into it.

  3. Seriously gorgeous bag!!

  4. Look at you with the contrasting thread. I love that bag design and the fabric is perfect. Great job Kelli!

  5. That’s really nice, quality craftmanship!

  6. The fabric is really amazing, I like the combination blue/black! Great job Kelli.

  7. Very pretty!

  8. Very pretty, Kel! I like the thread you selected for the topstitching; adds an extra-nice touch.

  9. Well done, AmazinGirl! 🙂

  10. Wow, congrats!! I love that fabric and it looks great!

  11. That is the bag I want!!! I adore that fabric!

  12. So cute Kelli. I love the fabric!

  13. Gorgeous! I love your fabric combo, and the contrasting purple thread. Congrats on filling your first order!

  14. Karel aka SWS aka Moms August 19, 2009

    Love, love, love that bag! The colors are gorgeous!

  15. Super cute, as usual. I love the things you make 🙂

    Shosh and I bought really cute fabric for making valences yesterday, let me know if you’re interested in helping us out or just doing another pizza/marg night!

  16. You made another beautiful bag with this fabric? Love it. (How much are you charging??)

  17. That fabric is wonderful!

  18. Beautiful! So, when are you going to launch your “catalog” online? Can’t wait to make some purchases. I know some bridesmaids who would certainly love one of your masterpieces!

  19. Margaret August 19, 2009

    Love the bag!! How do I get on your custom order list??

  20. I just love that fabric!!! What a wonderful bag. How much are you selling those for anyways?

  21. Wow, that’s perty! I’d buy one! 🙂