Mother May I

April 30th

Spring order from PaperSource

Perhaps I’m taking a cue from Mother Nature, with pollen in the air and warming temperatures — I am itchy for change. My wanderlust is thankfully being fed with tickets to Africa in May and South America in August. Yet in the meantime, my daily routine could use a good spring cleaning and an enlivened push.
There’s that quote about how insanity is doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results. If I want change, I’ve got to make it happen.

Currently in focus:

— Transferring ideas for novel #2 from Moleskin to laptop. In chapter form.
{Motivation: yellow couch.}

— Following up with literary agents about novel #1. Creating plan for new query letters.
{Motivation: handing my father my first novel.}

— Learning to bead.
{Motivation: beautiful turquoise purchased in Santa Fe.}

— Joining triathlon club.
{Motivation: a new pool of cute boys. And the chance to ride Ruby with others and practice my transition skills for the upcoming race.}

— Swallowing all desires to shop.
{Motivation: Buying that ticket to Italy with cash.}

— Watching significantly less television.
{Motivation: stack of books on nightstand patiently waiting for attention.}

— Creating something daily.
{Motivation: A new stationery order from Paper Source and a few other beauties that have my eye.}

What are you working on?


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  1. Your bike is named Ruby! I love that. Mine is The Silver Fox. What race are you doing?

    I’ll have to go back and look at my list of goals for 2007 – I suspect quite a few have fallen by the wayside. Your motivation notes are a great idea!

    – I want to take up ballroom dancing.
    {Motivation: going to that wedding in Kansas and remembering how much I like to dance.}

    – I also want to read more.
    {Motivation: same trip to Kansas, becoming engrossed in a novel on the plane, haven’t done that in a while. Also, should be easier to turn out the lights at night.}

  2. What goals you have! I always set down to do something yet the motivation and get go to follow thru somehow lags behind. Hmmm..

  3. Maybe it *is* something in the air; I started a list yesterday and it’s a mile long! Beading is also something I have on the docket, thanks to a beautiful bracelet from my friend, followed by her offer of a lesson. Sweet! I love seeing the motivations for all of your good ideas right along with ’em. What a great way to stay focused.

  4. Jennifer April 30, 2007

    My goals?
    1. Survive the rest of my first year at a new (dream) job (will celebrate 1-year on Aug. 21). [Motivation: stick it to all the nay-sayers.]
    2. De-clutter the apartment. [Motivation: moving to new house this summer.]
    3. Continue yoga. [Motivation: my new, mellow vibe.]
    4. Conquer credit card debt once and for all. [Motivation: see #2.]
    5. Become more accepting of my and others’ failures to be perfect. [Motivation: my spiritual growth will go nowhere without this step! Also see #1-4]
    6. Start a blog. [Motivation: Kelli and Emily!]

  5. Love the goals…love how you word them (with the “motivation”). I need to get my butt in gear; can you send some of YOUR motivation my way??? lol

  6. Getting a job (to get solvent), a screenplay (to get it out of my system), numerous crocheted blankets (to overheat me during production, to keep me warm and cosy in winter and as a wedding present), a pair of socks (for my always cold toes), finding a new house (to house me and my cats), getting divorced (to get sane).
    I think that’s enough for now.
    I admire your focus, my dear. You inspire the rest of us.

  7. 1. Continue watching documentaries — 1-4 weekly, depending on the week.
    2. Sew curtains for front porch.
    3. Bike to work at least once/week.
    4. Get the garden going!
    5. Do not go further into debt.

  8. In relation to your blog:
    -Huge desire to learn to sew beautiful things.

    Thank you! Now I need fabric, In Stitches, and a sewing machine. 😀

  9. Less time on internet (but I know this is just an illusion) less money spent on futile things, renovating a little my home (thus less money spent on things I don’t really need)
    Btw, that yellow couch seems a very good reason!

  10. I’m getting a new bike soon, and I will have to name it now too! (My fiance is building it from scratch for me…awww). Goals:

    1. Sew and knit bags for my wedding showers and for my wedding (motivation: saving money, showing my creativity, and possible heirlooms)
    2. I second Jennifer: accepting mine and other’s failures to be perfect. I’m actively working on that one. (motivation: sanity and compassion)
    3. Plan our trip to South America in more detail. (motivation: So I don’t sound like I have my head in the clouds when people ask what *exactly* we think we’re doing and what we have planned)
    4. Plan our move to oregon after return from
    S.America. (motivation: get us both rockin and
    rollin on career paths we will love. No more random
    jobs just to pay the bills).
    5. Read, read, read. (motivation: Happiness,
    relaxation, seeing another’s point of view)
    6. Somehow re-develop my sense of humor (movies?
    books? hangout more with humorous people?.
    (Motivation: I’ve been too sensitive lately, taking
    *everything* seriously. I need to find my grains
    of salt.)

  11. Oh my…. I see these beautiful blogs and oh!? Eny is a SIN right!???? Argh… such lovely paper, i would dare to ask you to write me a letter:)

    I am making hackies… totally addicted!
    Love Zelia from Portugal

  12. now you’ve got me thinking. i might just have to post this kind of thing on my blog.

  13. Right now I’m just trying to get focused back on my blog … can’t wait to read your novel (both of them!)

  14. 1. Studying for the National Physical Therapy Boards (motivation: the joy of having my weekends back (after 7 years of school) to do all the crafty things I love
    2. Felted bowls (motivation: Mothers Day)
    3. New Pillows for the living room (motivation: everythings old and stale, need a breath of spring in the house)
    4. Amy Butler’s Blue Sky Hat (motivation: any girlfriend of mine about to loose her hair from chemo deserves a kickin’ new hat)
    5. New spring bag (motivation: to design and craft an object completely of my own creativity.

  15. Your list is fabulous, Kelli! I have a ton of things going on but am trying very hard to be focused on just a few off my list right now:

    1. Regain my health
    2. Learn how to relax (big hah!)–extension of #1
    3. WIP: I’m landscaping our front and back yards
    4. WIP: Mermaid dishtowel embroidery project
    5. WIP: Martha Stewart’s state birds embroidered quilt
    6. WIP: Nancy Drew project
    7. Coming up: May is Skirt Month (…
    …and so on and so on…

  16. I heart PaperSource. I just put in an order for blush and creme luxe paper supplies. They’re like a truffle, for your fingertips.

  17. 1. Buff, Polish and Pack every single piece of saleable resin jewelry in the house BEFORE mixing and casting ANYMORE {motivation: money to purchase brown suede knee high boots!}

    Believe me, that will be MORE than enough. Do you have any idea how many pieces I have lying around?
    love your list BTW.

  18. I love your list- talk about motivation! Need to think about mine now: I know right off at the top is to “reduce”. That’s in all areas of my life from spending, driving, eating…
    Thanks Kelli for getting me thinking.

  19. My “summer” vacation is coming up in two weeks. I have set a few goals too. I want to go to the gym downstairs everyday and walk on the treadmill while I watch Martha. I want to sew some bags for my cousins for Christmas. And, I want to get back to the veggie thing again.

    BTW I mailed the goodie bags today.

  20. Ms Lala April 30, 2007

    Focusing on getting the last loose ends for Project: Mozambique and mailing them out!;) Then it’s all about taking my favorite folk tale and translating it into French! Fun times! I like school so essentially it’s a good thing for me. Then I will begin my spring-cleanse- and-purge-for-the-greater-good-of-my-sanity project. I have plenty of ideas for what I’d like to achieve but the aforementioned three are what i’d like to get done soon. The rest will come around in due time!

  21. great to have a motivation list, especially at change of season. i too made a mental note of some.
    walk to the post office (about 1 mile)(my mail is at p.o. box) when weather is nice.
    be ever present in the moment (this is actually something i do practice, this time i AM very focused on it)

  22. LOVED this post. BTW, if you have some time while you’re in Europe (Italy) think about swinging by Annecy…maybe for a triathlon? For someone who loves the outdoors and being active, you’d love it here. Here are some things I’m currently working on:
    1. Learning to drive our car w/o killing anyone including those INSIDE the car.
    2. Reading all the books I schlepped out here.
    3. Continue knitting and improving my skills so I can get to those more advanced projects that I really want to knit.
    4. Continue staying active so I can get my butt back into shape.

  23. Jennifer D May 1, 2007

    Love your goals Kelli, you know how to motivate us! My goals include:
    1. Getting everything I possibly can sorted and priced for the neighborhood garage sale on Fri. & Sat.
    2. Finishing my “around the block” quilt (I’ve only been working on it for 2 years!)
    3. Walk 5 miles a day- okay really- at least 3 miles 4. Surviving the end of year activities for my GS’s- who would of thought 20-12yr olds could take soooo… long to plan a 3 day trip!

  24. Great goals!
    I love how you so casually mention your novels… is there nothing you can’t do?!

  25. novels?! plural?! you are amazing my friend… what an inspiration your list is!! you are always seeking your dreams and it is truly an inspiration to me to read your words.
    great links for handmade goodness too!

  26. hmmmmmm. you are to busy. so engaged. it’s inspirational, really! i cast on for another sweater, nevermind the one that’s 2/3 done that i haven’t worked on in a while. and bought yarn for a third summer sweater. looks like a clear system of knitting is falling around me!

  27. What i’d like to accomplish;
    1. get my mother walking again.
    2. declutter the house, sew new curtains.
    3. finally sew the purse, that wonderful clutch that kelli made some time ago.
    4. finish the socks and shawl i’m knitting
    5. make another baby outfit for the grandaughter.
    6. grrr, get some sleep, lots of sleep would be really good.
    7. maybe setting goals isn’t such a good thing for me…ciao