Mother @($(#(@!!

February 7th

My sewing machine broke this morning. It will cost a minimum of $60 to fix and take two weeks to be returned.

My Valentine’s project? Scrapped. I am not feeling the love.


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  1. Man that stinks! Time to embroider?

  2. Maybe you can knit for a couple of weeks. And here’s a no sew valentine’s day project:
    Hope your sewing machine gets better soon!

  3. Awww, honey, I’m sorry. That really stinks–especially when you’re a roomzoomzooming along and the crafting muse is speaking loud and clear! Hang in there, ok? I am sorry for the slow response, by the way; my new hours are kinda kickin’ my patooty. Promise to write more very soon–(thank you thank you thank you!) and hope your machine is feeling better soon my friend. 🙂

  4. ACK!!!!!! What a bummer! Maybe you can do creative projects with yarn, paper or in your kitchen for the time being? I hope your machine recovers qwuicker than diagnosed.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry. I hope you can find something else to keep those itchy little fingers bigger. Just remember we love you!

  6. grrr that’s sucks!

  7. The repair shop in Boston fixes machines overnight! The guy is my hero. Sorry about the bad timing of your machine breaking. Bake for Valentine’s Day!!

  8. Oh no, I’m sorry Kelli. What a bummer.

  9. Bummer! Are you getting yours fixed or buying a new one? I hate when things you use and love break on you. Sucks!

  10. Oh BUMMER! grrrrrrr

  11. I’m so sorry! I know that feeling of being unable to complete a planned project. I hope your machine will work as good as new.
    I took my 20+ year old machine in for cleaning today…it will be ready in 1-2 weeks and costs $60. Is $60 the standard fee???

  12. I was making a wedding dress and two days before the wedding, dress not finished, my machine went to hell.
    Lucky for me my bernina guy is THE BEST!
    I brought it in at 4 on a friday, and he worked on it until 8, it cost me 50$
    I can so relate to your pain.
    Nothing like a little panic, and added expense..
    Sending a few There there”s and a fellow seamstresses, heart felt understanding…

  13. Ack! That sucks! I wonder if you can borrow someone else’s machine? I think a lot of people have one and never use it.

  14. ah that sucks.

  15. Kelli, check your email. I sent you a message.

  16. Sorry to hear about your machine Kelli. Is there a local quilt shop that could loan you a machine? Get a rental? Post something on Craigslist? Hope you find a quick solution. 🙂

  17. Dear Kelli,
    I have followed your blog for the last 6 months and I allways get so inspired by reading your posts. So it’s time to give back. Look at the broken machine as an opportunity to learn new crafts.
    I don’t know if you allready know this site, but go and take a look.

    Hope you find back the love.

  18. Awww man! So sorry to hear that!
    I’m certain you will find another beautiful way to share your love!!! (I found this week and couldn’t resist. Check out the vintage button mold,!)

    PS-I know you’re keeping to a budget but if you consider buying a new one, I have a good suggestion. Just let me know!

  19. How disappointing, but what a great opportunity to keep those creative juices flowing!

  20. Boo. Time for some gardening, baking, reading, running, etc. 🙂 Luckily you are a woman of many talents and interests.

  21. NOOOOO!

    Maybe the machines are starting to revolt! Mine kept on sewing when I took my foot off the pedal yesterday. Scary. I’m telling myself nothing’s wrong, though.

    What a bummer!

  22. Heck, for that you can go to Walmart and get a basic sewing machine. They have them there for about $60 now.

  23. I know this is like you losing a leg or an arm….but I’m sure you will fix it!