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May 4th



My new commute to the coffee shop (with both the strongest espresso and wifi) takes all of 15 minutes to walk. Golden is a quirky college town. There are plenty of hungry students and the yuppie business sort. But the majority are this middle ground — working middle class folk, many of whom are employed at the giant Coors brewery in the center of town. The homes on either side of the creek run up to the foothills to the west and the mesas to the east. Trailers, apartments, mega-mansions and even one tiny commune all have their place in this community.

Over the river

There is so much to explore, and I’m surely naive to think I’ve got this town even slightly figured out. I’m enjoying being out of my car and on my bike, out of my office and instead working at my own pace. Yesterday I went dream house hunting and found two that was willing to consider selling a spare organ for. Garden space, stained glass, compost bins, big porches, tiny front yards bursting with tulips. I might as well be drooling over sports cars or a chateau in the Alps. Nonetheless, it is fun to dream.


And in the meantime, I’m settling into a new routine that has very little on the calendar. A dinner with a friend here. A hike with my brother there. An ethereal amount of time to be outside, work in my friends’ garden and write. Working from home with the job I brought from Arizona is delightful. The stresses of office life have fallen away and I am worlds more efficient without a desk phone ringing or a coworker stopping in to chat. My need for a lunch hour has been reduce to eating leftovers quickly so I can play with the dogs in the yard. I simply make my list, complete my list and move on. It is rather refreshing.


So, friends — I hope your summer is also off to a delightful start. I hope you too are enjoying lovely weather, time to stare at the clouds and a great book. If you’ve got a dog at your feet, a local beer in your hand and a garden full of tomato seedlings — even better.




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  1. Glad you’re off to a great start in Colorado! 🙂

  2. Wow, it looks beautiful, Kelli! The tulips are the perfect image for your first week in town. Get that place figured out for the wave of visitors that will be knocking on your door when the temps hit 110+ back in AZ! Find some great running trails for some elevation training too 🙂

  3. Looks like you and Colorado ae going to get along fine.

  4. Looks lovely! I hope you love it just as much when it snows. 😉

  5. Fantastic! This is a gorgeous time of year to be in CO. Of course, winter is pretty gorgeous too [SNOW…mmmmmmmmmmmmm…SNOW]. Your schedule is enviable and well deserved. I’m fighting for the few minutes I get to sit near the beehive with Jada to watch the sunset and the bees come home from a long day’s work.

    And YES my tomatoes are blossoming, so that’s the whole package right there.

    So loving being able to read along with your move. I’m just so effing happy for you, mama – this is excellent.

  6. Golden is beautiful! I loved it when I visited!

  7. Oh, sounds SO nice! TELL ME HOW YOU DO THIS, you talented thing!
    So happy to hear things are going so beautifully!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Kelli. Golden is a pretty place — I have some friends up in the hilly area (yeah, it’s probably all hilly…) who we visited a few years ago (Genesee area on the map). I recall getting altitude sickness symptoms when we went for a walk around their neighbourhood — raging headache, particularly, and shortness of breath.

    Working from home is amazingly efficient. I’ve been doing it for 4+ years now and would NEVER go back to an office cube. I get far more done than if I was in the office (I get almost nothing done the ~3x a year I *do* go to the office). Not having drop-ins, overhearing cube conversations, fire drills, meetings, constant disruptions and noise (hard when you’re editing all day, as I am) is just brilliant. And no office politics!

    Add to that the monetary and environmental savings in not having to commute each day, not having to pay for parking or for lunch (‘cos you’re so busy trying to get out the door every morning that you haven’t got time to pack a lunch), the stress of waking up to an alarm clock when your body isn’t ready to wake up, the savings on clothes and shoes (my ‘office attire’ is shorts and Ts in summer and sweat pants and sweatshirts in winter), and it’s all good.

    What do I miss about not being in the office? Not much! 😉 The people thing (but that’s a two-edged sword), especially when we get new people on board (I’m on a project that’s expanding RAPIDLY) and I don’t get an opportunity to meet them and let them know what I can do for them and their documents. But email, IM, etc. is pretty good — and I have several champions for me at that company who let the newbies know I exist and what my role is.

  9. Instead I have full weeks of about 11 hours at work (just 4 on saturdays) a house that really needs a deep cleaning, endless list of little things to do at home (always postponed)….. how’s that, lucky girl? What kind of job are you working from home, btw? And are you proceding well with your new novel?

  10. OH I didn’t know you moved to Golden…that’s one of my favorite Colorado towns! Enjoy! It looks every bit as beautiful as I remember it 🙂

  11. Sounds great!