My Melody Was My Favorite

wrapped gifts

Heidi sent a message a few months ago — would anyone be interested in a “back to school swap?” With fall right around the corner, did anyone else feel the desire for new paper, pens and a school bag? Yes. Not surprisingly, yes. Not only have I always had “a thing for bags” as my mama says, but also love correspondence. I am constantly writing and sending letters, and keep a journal. (You know, where I talk about all the non-Cleaver stuff inappropriate for the Internets.)
When I was young, you couldn’t buy Hello Kitty stationery in Arizona. But there was one shop at a mall in California I found when visiting on vacation. An entire store! Pencils, paper, cute little Japanese characters that made me want to sit down and write a pen pal letter to every girl I’d ever met at camp, in part just to show off my pretty paper. And then seal them with monkichi stickers!
I spent the next few years saving all my babysitting and car washing money to go hog wild in that store each summer vacation. And so yes, I’ve always been a dork — but a dork with sparkly pencils.

art, writing supplies

Imagine my delight when I received this swap from Marian. Not only did she use African fabric for the bag, but she also made a clutch and a moleskin cover. She spoiled me rotten! I simply love her creativity and attention to detail.

fold over clutch
the most perfect moleskin cover ever
elephants, paper and yellow

Thank you Heidi for organizing and thank you Marian for your generosity!