My Mother is a Saint

August 11th

My mom has put up with all my grouchiness this week and shown me support that I cannot fathom. Do you ever have those moments when you look at your parents, spouse, friends, and think, “My God. I don’t know how they are being so nice to me. I’m a total pain!” I realized that yesterday after screaming at her and listening to her say, “Honey, I’m sorry you are stressed. Talk to me. What is going on.”
She should have told me I was being a cranky bitch and hung up, but instead, she found some sort of super-human patience (that maybe comes with parenthood?) and was sweet and caring. It was exactly what I needed and I felt so much better after having her listen to what was going through my mangled, grouchy mind.
I love that woman.

The bad mood has lifted and God knows you don’t come here to read about my annoying complaints in life. Rex is starting chemo today. Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and comments. Today is also his birthday, if you can imagine. Earlier in the week, he mentioned being hungry for an apple pie.

A great apple pie

With a bit of help from my grandma, a couple of hours worth of prep and my teeny home smelling like cinnamon and nutmeg, voila — an apple pie. I’ve never gotten the knack of rolling pie crust. My crusts always seem a bit off. Not this one. For irony’s sake, this one came out just right.

Apple pie

Why ironic? Oh, because Rex cannot eat today. He is on a fast for the chemo. No one told me. So when I showed up this morning to greet him with gifts and his favorite dessert, he begged me to get it out of the room. He couldn’t have water, much less sweets. (Note to self: nice move, dumbass.) The opportunistic and hungry hospital staff, however, loves me and I figure that can’t hurt Rex. So, whatever. Someone will enjoy it.

Another friend’s birthday is tomorrow — the perfect reason to stay up until the wee morning to sew, after a hard swim last night.

First swing bag

I’m not thrilled with the way this looks in the photo, but it is actually quite cute. I used Amy Butler’s swing pattern, minus the bow. I think we all agree — giant bow = fugly.

First swing bag, open

The bag is lined with some fabulous African fabric Jen brought me from Namibia. Speaking of Jen, I get to see her tonight! And have dinner at one of my best friend’s homes. They are sisters-in-law, you see.

I hope you have a peaceful weekend filled with great food and friends!


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17 Responses

  1. Glad you mood is brighter. Thanks for this post about your mom, because I too often don’t stop to think my children’s moods and bad attitudes are likely stress related. I am more likely to snap back at them when they have an attitude with me, when they probably just need me to ask what’s going on. Wise lady your mom.

  2. Chemo on your birthday. That totally sucks! But aren’t moms the greatest????

  3. you too Kelli…

    a hug for you…

    here we have a long long weekend, i’m happy! :))

  4. There has been a sort of FUNK about this week, hasn’t there?

    The pie looks delish. When Steve’s Dad was in the hospital right after his stroke, I left a plateful of Valentine’s cookies at the nurses staff….never hurts to butter ’em up! They loved it.

    Bag = Adorable. You’re right. Big bows, nasty…:D

  5. You are so NOT a grouchy dumbass. Ok, grouchy perhaps, but we all have those weeks! The pie was a very nice gesture. I’m sure Rex is just so thankful for your friendship, thoughtfulness & kindness. So don’t be so hard on yourself! Beautiful bag, too. Try to enjoy your weekend 🙂

  6. P.S. I received my wristlet & other goodies from Lena today. Love everything! 🙂

  7. lovely, lovely pie, Kelli. You’ve inspired me to make one tonight.
    And I love the bag you made, too! Great chioce of fabrics.

  8. Awww, I’m sure Rex really appreciated the thought.
    Very nice bag, and you’re right about the big bow/fugly thing. Aren’t African fabrics great! A friend brings me a few yards every time she or her mom go to Nigeria, I love it!

  9. sometimes we just need our mothers. no matter how old we are. i remember being really sick with a fever and body chills/aches (etc.) when i was pregnant with mason (living 400 miles away from my mom) and i called her for her sympathy. even though joe was there, i still needed my mom. (he was sick, too) i’m glad your mom was sympathetic and loving. sounds just like what you needed.

    your bag turned out great. i can now envision the goodness of the swing bag without the bow.

    and, poor rex, not able to eat your yummy apple pie on his birthday. i’m sure he appreciated the gesture!

  10. Moms are great. In fact, sometimes they seem to have superhuman powers. Of course, you couldn’t tell me that when I was 15…

  11. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my mom right now. Especially to have her here, because suddenly being an ocean apart feels like a gazillion miles. Maybe I should bake too!

  12. beautiful bag and an awesome looking pie. And you’re right about moms and sainthood–I really don’t know where they get all that patience from.

    And I’m sure your friend appreciated the thoughtfulness, even if he couldn’t enjoy the pie!

  13. Too bad the pie couldn’t be enjoyed by the intended recepient – that royally sucks! It looks really yummy. Your bag turned out cute too.

  14. moms know when their children are hurting. you are a kind friend to rex…so sweet. pie looks delicious…i’m sure much love went into it…and your bag.

  15. I knew your mom was a peach! I’m glad she was there to do the thing that only mom’s can do – not kick your ass when you’re being a bitch and let you talk it out. BTW: excellent looking pie! And that bag is oh so cute 🙂

  16. I must agree – the purse is nice, the bow, is not. That, and her gypsy caravan pattern – I never understood it. Nice work on the bag.

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