My Summer Bag

May 25th

When spending time with my ever-so-fashionable friend Finny last week, I noticed she was carrying a new fabulous bag.
To know me is to know that one of my many weaknesses is a fabulous purse. I believe women cannot own enough pretty purses and I’m a fan of changing them up frequently. With some fabric purchased in Guadalajara last summer when vacationing with my friend Alma, and a new Amy Butler pattern in hand, voila — my new summer bag:

Close up, fruity covington

I’m only bummed that I’ve just gotten it done. It will not make the pack list for Nicaragua, but will be nice to come home to in a couple of weeks.

Covington bag

Love it. Although, just like any pattern, I already have a few thoughts on how I will do this differently next time. The lining is a bit small — which is more than likely my error and not the pattern maker’s. Also, the sides are sloppy, also my error. But the colors, wonky fabric and complete silliness of it all are just right.

I also got around to that purse organizer pattern I’ve seen on Craftster. I made myself one, lining up my personal items as suggested:

Measuring out the goods

This takes about 10 minutes to sew and is super easy. I love how organized my purse is, in theory.

Purse organizer, with flowery tag

In all fairness, after scrounging through this bag multiple times this morning, it does not look as tidy as it did last night.

Purse organizer in the works

Everyone should have a summer bag. For the first time in my life, I am without want at Coach and loving something I made. Holy moley!


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15 Responses

  1. very cute! love the fabric of your summer bag!!

    I need a purse organizer, too. it’s more tempting now that I know it is a quick project!

  2. Coomer May 25, 2006

    Very cool purse – can you make one for a man?

  3. Oh my gosh, Kelli! What a cute bag, the fabrics are perfect. The organizer is tooo cute, what a super gift idea. The lemons/fruit fabric is just too cute.
    Does the organizer have velcro to hold it in wrapped fashion?

  4. What fun fabric, and a brilliant organiser, looks like you’ll just have too go shopping now and do that bag justice!

  5. Love it!! That fabric (and design) is divine!!

  6. Such a cute bag! And I love the organizer. I’m going to have to make one of those.

  7. these are fantastic! i love the bright fruity fabric!!

  8. LOVE the bag and those are great colors in the fabric.

    Hmmm…tempting to make the organizer.

  9. Yes. I am right now adding this to my weekend project list. Remember all that heavy weight stripey fabric I just got? I showed it to you. It’s pink, green, black, etc. You know. I’m using some of it for one of these bad boys. THANK YOU! Forgot about this project and it is exactly what I need for my new summer bag. And then for all my other bags that I use sporadically throughout the season.

  10. Love the bag! Who needs Coach when you can have those gorgeous colors for summer? 🙂

  11. What a great bag! I love the purse organizer too. Looks so neat and tidy.

    How long will you be away? Was this the trip I was supposed to supply with toothbrushes?

  12. super cute! I love the fabric and can only wish a purse of mine could look/be this organized. sigh…

  13. Wonderful summer bag. The fabric is fantastic of course — so unique. That bag pattern looks perfect for swinging over your shoulder while skipping!

  14. I love this! what a wonderful idea!

  15. HOW did I miss this post!? I LOVE your organizer!