January 17th


I am in a funk today, one my mama would accurately label “crabby.” Rather than wax melodramatic about why I’m a touch pissy, I’m going to focus on what is working.

~For the first time in forever, our president is talking about mistakes he’s made. And for the first time in 7 years, Republicans on the Hill are talking about making changes, rather than nodding their heads like subservient little sheep. Braaaavo. Now, if we could just stop talking about a presidential election that is years away and focus on today’s issues, I’d be tickled.

~Tomorrow I’m taking a leap into those resolutions of mine and taking a lesson in Portuguese. Sim!

~ I’m currently reading and loving Fast Food Nation.

~ Tomorrow I’m swimming with a new club. The team I’ve been swimming with for 6 years has fallen apart and I’ve grown sick of working out alone. I’m taking quite a leap by joining a very competitive team, but I’m not new to this game. I spent nearly as much time in the water as I did in on land as a kid. February also includes another 1/2 marathon and a potential duathalon. I’d like to join a triathlon team to get more bike training in, but I haven’t figured that one out yet.

~Got a new cookie recipe this morning. Bagel boys, Ya Yas, friends — be prepared for the chocolate chip onslaught. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the kitchen. I can’t wait.

~This weekend I’ve got a date with my Singer and hopefully Ed Norton.

Ah, independent films, sewing, swimming. Life isn’t so bad. Crabby mood, you’ve officially been evicted.


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  1. Sarah HB January 17, 2007

    Hope you have a lovely date this weekend and maybe do some sewing! 😉

  2. way to deal with the bad mood! good for you. the weekend sounds wonderful & relaxing.
    i’ve been dying to read fast food nation… i think i’ve been putting it off because i know it is going to make me rethink all of my eating habits (which very very rarely include fast food, but still.)

  3. Sim!

  4. like my mama always said “when life gives you crabs, make crabcakes.” okay, she never said that. good luck with all your new endeavors!

  5. FFN is what I call “Train Wreck” literature. You don’t want to read it but you can’t put it down. 🙂

    My word of the year is “Opportunity”. I’m trying to turn my crabby days into opportunities to have great days. Sounds like you’re already doing what I need to!

  6. I don’t understand why or how they turned FFN into a feature film instead of a documentary, but who am I to understand Hollywood.

    The book’s great. And even greater that I can still go to In N’ Out with a clear conscience (albeit not every day).

    Portuguese? Oi! Tu do bom? Obrigado! (that’s as much as I know).

  7. hi kelli! i need to start tri training…thanks for the words of inspiration.

  8. Namaste to you as well. I 100% agree with your political comments. I was starting to think that the Republicans in congress were a bunch of bobbleheads.

    And you must know that I so admire your fitness training. I run ten yards and my knees give out. Drat. But I’m hoping the kiddos are big enough this year that we can hit the bike trail as a family. Here’s hoping!


  9. I think you may have been a good influence on your friend Finny. Her 10K reminded me of you! I too am happy(er) to see a more humble George Bush.

  10. Hopefully your funk has nothing to do with the promised curry paste recipe – sorry! I forgot Monday, and won’t be back home till Thursday night. I’ll get it to you soon after though…

  11. Wow, that sounds great! I used to swim with a masters team for a few years and loved it. Now, it’s a 20 minute drive for a 5 a.m. swim so I’m less interested in it! That and, well, baby. I ran a few tris several years ago and loved them. The bike section scared me though. I like LOTS of room around my bike – I can’t get over people getting too close!

  12. Fast food nation is great, isn’t it? In a horrifying, eye-opening kind of way. 😉 Have you gotten the part about the meat packing plants yet? I told a friend who used to be a meat inspector in Britain years ago about it, and he showed me the scars on his hands from getting cut.

  13. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling a bit off – but your recipe for getting out of it looks wonderful!


  14. Oooh… there is nothing to turn a crabby day around like chocolate chip cookies! 🙂 Funny thing is, I have also been trying to evict a crabby mood. Luckily, we think alike and I too have been trying to focus on what is good. That always lifts my mood.

  15. Chocolate chip cookies & Ed Norton? YUM-MY. 🙂 Hope your day is better. Thanks for reminding us all to focus on the positive. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Pissy? You? I cannot believe it. I can NOT believe it.

    But chocolate chips — ah, yes, those I can definitely believe. Press on!

  17. Hey Miss K – Nice crabby kickin’. Keep on chick.


  18. Well, I’m happy to know someone is cheering up today!!! Me? I guess I can stick to my bad mood for a while.

  19. I hope this helps to improve your mood-

    You’ve been tagged! Check my website for the rules-

  20. great list!

    can’t wait to see the cookies. hope today is a better day for ya 🙂

  21. Ahh Miss Kelli – you always have SOMETHING brewing! You don’t have time for Crabby so I’m sure he’s already looking for a new home! 🙂 Take good care of you. My baking has been taking a beating too. I’m going to try whip up something yummy tonight.

  22. Namaste to you–good to look on the bright side of things. I think dates with sewingmachines are just fantabulous. I’m not sure about Ed Norton–is he cooking? 😉

  23. Oh, how I heart Edward Norton. Please enjoy that one for me.

    Portuguese? Sorry, what about Italiano?? 😉

    Fast Food Nation is brilliant. I almost swore off McDonald’s for life. Then I realized I am weak and got a Happy Meal. Shame on me.

  24. I think you must have (have had, by now!) what’s commonly known as post-vacation blues, lady!

  25. sorry you were in a crabby/crappy mood. i hate when i have days like that.

    hope everything is better now (or soon).

  26. Sounds like a great list. I want to see that movie as well. Have you read the book? I enjoyed it very much. Hope you ‘snap’ out of it. Get it? Crabby? Snap? Gah! I am a dork. 🙂

  27. Hey, just found you recently since signing up for the Sew-Along. We have a lot in common, particularly our interest in world travel. Anyway, I saw that movie last weekend. Gorgeous scenery, but I’ll reserve my other comments 😉 And I haven’t yet read FFN but it’s on my list.