National Public Health Week: Community

April 10th

National Public Health Week: Community

Tonight I added the Valley Interfaith Project rally at Pilgrim Rest Church in downtown Phoenix. Crammed in the pews with 1,000 other folk of all faiths, we listened as religious and political leaders addressed Arizona’s immigration policy. Mayor Gordon spoke to Sheriff Joe’s illegal behavior. Two community leaders gave a pretty funny presentation about Russell Pearce — awarded human rights enemy #1 in the state. (He wants to prevent citizenship for children born to parents who are not citizens. The dude needs a hug. And a girlfriend. He’s obviously pretty miserable.) We stood, cheered, prayed and rallied in unison: the faith community of Phoenix wants improved immigration policies and human rights for all.
It was by far the coolest community event I’ve ever attended. I can’t wait to become more involved with this group.
Even though my family has moved, Phoenix really is my hood. I talk about moving away, but I do love it here, as a member of this big, crazy stuccoed city (even if we have too many golf courses and shopping malls.)


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  1. Kelli, I’ve so enjoyed your National Public Health Week coverage! So much inspiration here.

  2. I love your involvement in the community. Although I sometimes disagree with your political views, I share your hope and optimism. Your inspirational ideas are infectious, Kel.

  3. I really worry over the whole immigration issue. There are points, good and bad, on both sides of the story. I have hopes of an equitable solution soon.

  4. You are an inspiration to get active in your community. I may not always agree with your politics but you drive home the point that we are in this together.

  5. Oh, I love Sheriff Joe, and Russell Pearce sounds like he has a brain, too.
    K, do you think our resources are unlimited? Talk about a drain on the environment.
    I live in TX, and the illegal problem is horrendous here.
    I just don’t understand why we think we must allow people to come over illegally. We’ve been allowing people to do it legally for ages. That’s fine.
    Love your craftiness, you’re very talented.

  6. Que bueno!

  7. I went to a very similar rally sponsored by the Pico Union and all the interfaith communities in Hollywood. Our issue was affordable, safe housing for all. I am not sure we made a bit of difference as our local government listens more to developers than the 1,000+ strong residents. Still, it’s important to speak out anyway. If not for the sake of the community, then for personal mental health. Speaking of mental health, I love Santa Fe! The Land of Enchantment indeed! Also loved driving across the desert in both NM and AZ. You come from some scenic lands my friend!

  8. So let me get it right … if Mr. Pearce had his way, my son (conceived and born in the US) would not be an American? Not a son of the land of his birth because his father and I were stuck in a seven year wait for permanent residency? Or is he only talking about immigrants who don’t come from so called first-world countries with educations that allow them the privilege of applying for green cards? Not sure what my son would be then, considering that his dad travels on a UK passport, and I on a Canadian one. But we haven’t lived in Canada for eight years. Are we supposed to call him Canadian then? Interesting. And BTW, if he’s trying to deny US citizenship to kids born to parents that are not citizens (a lot of green card holders do not take citizenship), that’s an awful lot of kids that should be denied citizenship.

  9. Kelli,

    If Sheriff Joe’s policies were illegal he would have been punished and prosecuted lone ago. If you don’t want him in Phoenix please send him to Columbus, Ohio. They need a good sheriff and mayor there. No one I know of has a problem with LEGAL immigration. However, I see a pattern developing with your immigration to all and then the flag totes. Based on these two items you appear to hold some disregard for law and order. That is too bad as I applaud your healthy issue and recycle philosophy. Try to get a little grounded and think more rationally. You appear to have a great mind just headed sometimes a little shortsided.

  10. Barbara Smith April 13, 2008

    I agree with Mr. Pearce because we have too many who are coming over the border just to have their kids free of charge to them but at great cost to us citizens. Then they insist that they must be permitted to stay to raise their “U S citizen”. Soon there are 6 or 8 of them who are born here and no one is working and we are supporting them all. Many of them, have children by more than one man while they raise that first “little citizen”. I am talking about illegals who come here to use a kid as a way to stay.

  11. amen sister. that sounds like it was a fabulous event! i am glad to see you all fighting for immigration rights down there on the front line. us northern states can pay lip service all we want. you guys do the real work!

  12. We would love to take Sherriff Joe off your hands just any old time….funny, folks who don’t like him never mention how much the CRIME in his precinct has DECREASED!!

  13. Kelli, I am begging to like reading your comments as much as I do your original posts… except I think I enjoy them for different reasons.

    Favorite quote so far:

    “However, I see a pattern developing with your immigration to all and then the flag totes. Based on these two items you appear to hold some disregard for law and order.”

    Or maybe:

    “Try to get a little grounded and think more rationally. ”

    Yeah, I think its the second one… that one is really funny. Great post as usual Kelli.

  14. There are some painful generalizations about immigrants here. Most of my students are American born to immigrant parents and their parents work two, three hard jobs. I don’t see immigrants slacking off just to live on the dole. I do have several American born students born to American parents who live hand to mouth off of handouts and come from families with generations milking the system. I agree we need to enforce immigration laws because we are tapped out of resources and it’s becoming a desperate situation. However, I also try to put my feet in another’s shoes and think about the tremendous risks, sacrifices and effort most well meaning immigrants engage just to give their children a better life. Can we fault anyone for wanting that?

  15. Dear jane,

    There is a difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants. Please note the difference. The first group do not break the law to get into this country. The second group do. It’s that simple. (oh but there’s much more at stake than laws….however, I have my own blog for that!)

  16. oh kelli. i am so sorry for the comments that you got on this post… it’s really sad to hear this kind of nativist hate-filled talk.
    i appreciate your posting your thoughts on immigration here, and the love + thoughtfulness you share, so so much. thank you for that friend. xox

  17. um, people, you have TOTALLY missed the boat on this one. first let me say that i rarely agree with much of what kelli says on here. half the time, i wish she’d fall off of her soapbox, but this is not one of those times. sheriff joe IS acting illegally by targeting mostly mexican neighborhoods and arresting AMERICAN CITIZENS (for ridiculous things that are hardly worth our tax money)in the hopes of catching some illegals in the net. (this isn’t an exaggeration, it’s a fact.)
    why don’t we just arrest everyone in mostly black areas, too, with the hopes of snagging some drug dealers in there, since that’s the stereotype? or hit irish ‘hoods, in the hopes of grabbing some public drunkeness? italians for mob activity?
    illegal immigration is a seriously important issue that needs attention and overhauling immediately. racially profiling neighborhoods isn’t the answer, as we should have learned from history. building a wall isn’t the answer either. nobody wants this issue handled more than those of us living in states along the border. our healthcare and car insurance costs are just two examples of how we literally pay the price for our broken borders. but if you took the time to learn how ridiculous the process is to become a citizen in this country, and how horrible the circumstances are in uber corrupt mexico, you might consider the risk of running across, too. even though you, like the majority of people who come into the country illegally, aren’t a criminal. if you want to help fix the situation, take action with your local governments and put your money where your mouth is. and if you don’t like kelli’s flag bags, don’t carry one.

  18. “Erin” said: “first let me say that i rarely agree with much of what kelli says on here. half the time, i wish she‚Äôd fall off of her soapbox, but this is not one of those times. ”

    How interesting. When Kelli isn’t agreeing with YOU, you wish she’d shut up. Nice…and sadly, typical. If you don’t like her “soapbox,” go elsewhere. It’s really very simple. There must be some reason you continue to read her journal, despite the complaint & put down you just made. And if it’s due to you being addicted to hearing something you wish would shut up , that speaks volumes about you…and not in a positive way.

    Kelli: A good number of people in general don’t know how to let others have their opinions. Doesn’t matter if it’s on a blog or in person. They just HAVE to say something, and don’t know how to agree to disagree without shoving it verbally or text-wise into someone’s face.

    funny thing? You didn’t say anything horrible in this entry at all. Not even close enough for people to be as rude as they have been here in the comments.

  19. Kelli,

    Please do not be discouraged by some of these comments. I makes sense to hear both sides of a debate – so please continue!

    I very much enjoy your blog. You speak about interesting and current issues – which is refreshing in this day and age!

    Thank you.

  20. yikes, i am glad to read a post with some honest comments. why is america the only place on earth where everyone can come here illegally and get free health care and education? why are our borders wide open? it is just common sense that in a civilized society a country would secure their borders, just take the politically incorrectness out of it and look at that for a moment. everyone knows that people cross back and forth at will, whether they are good and honest people is not the question. mexico is not a poor country, they should take care of their own lower class. we should make sure that those who come here go through proper channels. it the system worked, we wouldnt have these discussions, something needs to change.