D's birthday

Someone has been licking his front legs raw. I’m suspecting this is an only child reaction to me going back to work, his dislike for the heat and his lack of a giant backyard.

I’m sure Imelda Marcos had a hard time adjusting to prison flip flops too.

A second dog doesn’t make a lick of sense right now — even if I know it would make Nelson happy to have a collaborator. The good news: the heat is relenting. Our walks in the morning are darker, but longer. And even prancy paws here is getting the hang of Arizona living.



7 Replies to “Nels”

  1. He looks pretty regal there, like he’s wearing a starched white collar. I hope he is feeling better soon. Having a crazy dog is exhausting.

  2. Hope the licking is just an adjustment to the move. But if he doesn’t get better, consider possible allergies or overgrowth of the normal bacteria and/or yeast on a dog’s skin due to the heat, especially if he is licking his paws raw. (One of my dogs has had skin problems for 15 years.)

    Hope he gets better soon. He is a gorgeous dog!

  3. Poor baby! No one likes the cone of shame.
    Been loving all the posts Kelli and think of you guys!
    Hope WNM is feeling himself again soon, poor guy.

  4. Like Rhonda mentioned, our beagle started licking her paws raw earlier this year and allergies seem to be the culprit. Worth checking if it doesn’t seem to improve! Not that there seems to be any great solution, but still…

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