New Roots

January 9th

Tomato bloom blushing

I know, I know. More than half of the nation is suffering from bitter cold and I’m wearing flip flops and planting tomatoes. Just remember that the other six months of the year, I’m wearing flip flops and a sweaty, prickly mess. So, three cheers for Arizona winter! And I’m trying not to think about that other season that is always looming.

20 new tomato plants

Instead, 22 tomato plants in the ground, along with thyme, sage cilantro and peppers.

The little marigold that could

Book a flight; there is going to be some great salsa on the table come April.


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15 Responses

  1. I am pouting! I only wish we could be growing things (though I suppose our onions could be getting nice and big under all the snow)! 🙂 Lucky you during this time of the year!!

  2. one word…. CRUEL

    just kidding at least someone is warm out there

  3. Ah Kelli, wish I was in AZ. We are having a high of 15 degrees (up from -2 this morning) here in mid-MO! I had friends over for brunch anyway. Served that roasted veggie dip & got LOTS of compliments & recipe requests. Thanks again. Love your garden pics!

  4. Ah wouldn’t I love to! 🙂

    It was 20 here today – heat wave!! I’ll take it over the negative temps we’ve been having…

    Enjoy your lovely winter! I do love Phoenix this time of year.

  5. I’m so jealous!! I miss my fresh garden veggies!! Can’t wait for spring!!

  6. My word, Kelli! Where did you plant all those tomatoes? You’ll be able to feed the whole valley. Oh, that might be your plan, thoughtful person that you are!

    I’ve had the weirdest thoughts about all the cold weather our friends are suffering. Jealous. Not for today, but for the summer I’m anticipating!

  7. very cute post. hope your plants do well.

  8. Holy smokes! 22 Tomato plants is A LOT! Is that all at your little garden? You will have salsa, sauce, soup and more.

  9. You lucky girl. Enjoy all that salsa you’re going to be making!

  10. I moaned because it was 2 on our way to church this morning. I remember following your adventures last year when 2/3 of your summer was 115 degrees or more, and I always appreciate your knack for helping me to reevaluate my perspective on the really important things in life, like comfort, and Sweet Home Chicago! 🙂

  11. Always blows me away, but I’m glad someone’s got tomatoes growing SOMEWHERE 🙂

  12. I love seeing your garden underway. Right now, I’m just looking through seed catalogs and planning. My goal is to get seed ordered by the end of next week, so they’re ready to go when the weather is right!

  13. Wow you’re brave, but maybe genius to set out your transplants out so early. I always wait til early March, but as you well know, there’s such a short window for lovely ripe tomatoes that maybe it’s worth chancing the weather. Last year I started my SEEDS in January! Maybe I’ll set out a couple tomatoes myself, I mean hey, if we get another frost I can always add more later.

  14. After three freezing days in London, I could make it to AZ for a nice meal!