Nicaragua: The Food

June 8th

Nicaragua 2008 102

Griselda, my godson’s mother, invited our her home for lunch on our last day in Jinotega. She made an amazing pot of chicken soup with countless vegetables. Here she stokes the fire to get the soup boiling.

Nicaragua 2008 113

Back in the kitchen, she and one of her girlfriends make chicken meatballs to add to the pot.

Nicaragua 2008 117
Nicaragua 2008 119
Nicaragua 2008 120
Nicaragua 2008 103
Nicaragua 2008 124
Nicaragua 2008 138

Truly the best soup I’d ever eaten. I was hungry and it was so filling.

Nicaragua 2008 130

She also served boiled taro root, which I hadn’t eaten since Africa. It is chalky but good.

Nicaragua 2008 129

And these boiled plantains were sweet and perfect naturally — like a yam.

In a non-traditional moment, we hit a great pizzeria in Granada for lunch yesterday. After a week of rice, beans, chicken and more rice and beans (called pinto gallo in Nicaragua), thin-crust pizza, bruschetta and fruity cocktails were heaven.

Nicaragua 2008 194
Nicaragua 2008 193
Nicaragua 2008 187



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24 Responses

  1. It seems she was feeding a lot of people, look a that pot, it was truly big!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your photos Kelli and transporting us to another world.
    (That soup is making me hungry!)

  3. Kelli, I’m glad your trip was so rewarding!
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all the photos.. thank you!

  4. Beautifully amazing tour of Nicaragua. You write beautifully too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. all of the photos are beautiful- thanks for sharing.
    The soup looks amazing! Mmmmm!

  6. the plantains looked super yummy!

  7. Delicious! What an amazing experience you’re having. (And, I LOVE plantains!)

  8. Oh that all looks so yummy!

  9. It’s the plantains that have my salivary glands going on this post, for some reason . . .

    I loved the photos of the babies on your previous post.

    Looks like a great project you are on there. I am excited – our well drilling equipment is finally clearing the border into Mozambique this week – 1,000 wells, here we come! So far we have built about 50 churches and 3 schools, but the well component is my favorite part of our project here.

  10. What a feast! It’s so cool to see a homemade meal like that made with such love (the rice and beans dish is called “Gallo Pinto”, btw.) Your photos are beautiful.

    Thank you for the tote tutorial, BTW! I had made one before and was wondering how to make it look just like that without having to add binding to the top – and voila, there was your tutorial explaining it all! Thanks for sharing. And for the beautiful photos!

  11. Mmm, look at those meatballs. Yummy.

  12. Just looking at that soup makes me hungry! It looks like it’s made with such care which sounds wonderful right now.

  13. Sounds like you are having an awesome time. I love reading about your travels, and seeing the photos. Friends recently returned from a Habitat for Humanity build in El Salvador. You are all making me feel mighty lazy.

  14. That pizza looks so good!

  15. I’ve been getting caught up on your trip and photos. It looks like a wonderful time is being had, and that food looks good.

  16. I absolutely love your blog. We are missionaries in Costa Rica since 2000 (Honduras before that for 14 years). I love Nicaragua. All the photos of Granada and the pizza brought back some wonderful memories. If God would just give us the go-ahead we would move the ministry to Nicaragua, but He still wants us in Costa Rica so here we must remain. We will be heading to Nicaragua in a few weeks for a short visit. I am so looking forward to it. I am only commenting on your latest post, but I read them all. And being a writer (among other things) you got my curiousity up—–WHO is tall dark and handsome? LOL
    By the way, you are doing wonderful work.
    Blessings from Costa Rica,

  17. WOW that chicken soup looks so delicious!!! I wonder how they made it. I have been enjoying reading your posts of your trip! keep it coming!

  18. I’m enjoying reading the story of your trip and the pictures you’re sharing. It’s great that you incorporate information about the food and the way the people actually live (including a photo of clothes drying on a line).

  19. What beautiful pictures Kelli!! How I wish I had been there with you!! I didn’t realize you had God children there, how fun!! His little eyes just light up the screen, what a doll!

  20. everything looks amazing. I’m fascinated and enthralled… and hungry! 🙂

  21. kelli, thank you so much for sharing all of these photos and stories from your time in nicaragua. your work is so inspiring friend. xox

  22. WONDERFUL pictures Kelli and account of your time in this wonderful sounding place. Incredibale journey you are on!