Nicaragua: The People

June 8th

Mother of twin girls

This sweet woman was one of many dazed hens at the central hospital in Jinotega. She’d just given birth to twin girls. Most of the women in the cramped postpartum room had delivered twins. Women typically deliver at home with a midwife. Our midwives are trained to send breach and multiple birth pregnancies to the hospital to hopefully ensure safe delivery for both mother and child(ren). She was touched by the gift of a Peace t-shirt for each sweet girl and I had some knit beanies from a church group too. I took Polaroids of each mother with their new babies and they were so happy to have a bit of company in the otherwise stark, hot room.

A twin and recipient of the Peace T-shirt project
Sweet boy in the village

One of many sweet children in a village where we worked.

Don't ask me where the German dress came from

Speaking of, how cute is this girl? Her little German dress had me confused, but we bonded over a break in the cool shade and a pack of gum I found in my backpack.

Sweet women in water project community -- Tomotoya

The sweet girl’s mom and grandma.

Check up with the volunteer dentist

We also have a volunteer dental program we support. We took lots of toothbrushes and other supplies to be distributed. Unfortunately most of the work is extractions because people don’t see dentists unless they are in lots of pain.

Why I brush my teeth twice a day


Dental program -- extractions

She had two teeth extracted. One man had seven teeth removed. Ouch.

My godson, Victor Abel

My godson, Victor Abel. Now that he is 5, he understands that when his Madrina comes to town, it means presents. He was very happy to have crayons and new clothes. I have a Santa Claus patina to my godmothership because I’m never there and when I do swing through town, my bags are laden with gifts for him and his siblings.

Cutest godson ever

But seriously, how cute is he? Obviously, he gets his great fashion sense from his fairy American godmother.


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  1. Obviously……

  2. Your godson is adorable!!

  3. Enjoying your Nicaragua stories! Your Godson is absolutely adorable! So handsome! Stay cool lady.

  4. Sweet pics. And, you have a Godson there too? How special and wonderful. (On a side note, I’m becoming a Godmother and am thrilled!)

  5. it’s hard to comment using only one hand (the babe is sucking on the other…) but i just wanted to say that I’m enjoying your adventures!!

  6. He’s gorgeous 😉

  7. They are all so cute! How in the heck do those diapers work though?? Doesn’t everyone get all wet?

  8. I was amazed by the labor and delivery room in Honduras. Most of them were giving birth in a big room with NO privacy. Six women in labor lay side by side with a few doctors and nurses handling them all. Truly horrifying for this suburban girl. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be pregnant. Ever.

  9. Ha ha, the pic of the dental tools made me laugh because I used those same tools several times only today! I work as a dental assistant in a general dentists’ office and today I felt like I worked for an oral surgeon we had SO many orthodontic and periodontic extractions! It is sad that so many people wait until they have a problem before they go see a doctor. It’s amazing how much a dental infection will strain your immune system! I think the forceps are cowhorns (or 23s) and the screwdriver looking ones are elevators and then the syringe. Looks like home to me. 🙂 That’s cool that you guys have a group down there that you support. Very cool!

  10. These posts are so interesting. So glad you sprung for the big box with the built in sharpener. A cutie like that deserves the best!

  11. Just love the pictures of the children. :-)))))