Nido Means Nest en Espanol

October 8th

Japanese frenchy

A friend in email this week asked me if I am nesting. I’ve never considered the fact that I love to cook, sew, knit, garden, etc… is my psyche’s way of saying, “NEST!” I figured it was more my brain’s way of saying, “Martha. God, I love that crafty bitch. She can do anything! Be more like her.” Either way, I’m back in full domestic-mode, including cooking up a feast for my Mexican get-away, finishing up some additional Frenchy Bags {pattern review: Brilliant. Amy continues to rock it!} sewing up some zippered pouches and stamping Fall stationery. There was also a bit of road trip activity planning: I rented Nacho Libre, got some new and old board games packed (Apples To Apples, SkipBo) and have a knitting project packed.

Slouchy Frenchy

I love this Mexico trip more than I can explain. We do absolutely nothing that is remarkable, and that in itself is what’s remarkable. I grew up with these six girls and if there is one word that describes each of us perfectly it is: overachiever. Or perhaps: hyper. To get us (and the better halves) in one place, on one beach for four days of nothing? Unbelieveable. Our Blackberries don’t work. We don’t have the Internet. We don’t have to worry about Petite Ya Yas and the furry four-legged children left behind. The only thing we think about is who has the pitcher of margaritas and is it time to put on another bikini? Plus, as you can imagine after the loss of Judy last week and the funeral this weekend, we all need a breather. We need time to sit, talk and just be with each other.

We take turns cooking meals and I’m sure will spend a time or two on the mechanical bull and Manny’s happy hour. I’ve been thinking of and planning for this trip for more than a year. I simply cannot wait to leave tomorrow. I am so glad we are still going; there was some question last week whether or not it would be appropriate to go, but once we all got together we realized we needed the escape. Everyone is still mourning, but at least we can go and be together. One of the beauties of living in Phoenix is we are just four hours from Mexico or 6 from Los Angeles. When you really need a salty beach get-away, it is easily within reach.

Three Frenchies resting on the couch
The Next  Sewing Project
Ebay, I love you.
Fall stationery gifts

So, if you see a crazy polka dot bikini girl running around the beach in Mexico this weekend (who only wishes she’d ordered the boobs with the suit), with an icy refreshment in one hand and a pair of knitting needles in the other, you know it could only by my goofy ass. I’m certain to return with a hangover, sunburn and belly full of guacamole. Here’s to hoping we find some healing hidden among the shells on the beach too. Hasta luego!


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37 Responses

  1. I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time. Also, that ladies boobs kind of frighten me, so don’t feel too bad you didn’t get around to ordering them 🙂

  2. Wow! You are really moving along with those bags! They look great. Have a fabulous, fabulous time in Mexico!

  3. Have a truly restful, healing, wonderful time. I will be corralling a bunch of toddlers at a birthday party … Tau is 3 today!

  4. Wow – that is a lot of zippers! Have a great time in Mexico. You deserve the rest, fun and girl time 🙂

  5. Rebecca October 8, 2008

    I dusted off the swimsuit last night and started thinking about what to pack. All I have so far are 10 celeb magazines and sun screen. What else do we need?

  6. Fun. I just left third graders learning sea creature names in Spanish. Enjoy yourself.

  7. have a wonderful vacation!

  8. Only you could make the knitting needles fit in that picture!

  9. Safe journey, my friend. Come back relaxed and renewed!

  10. Now there’s a link i can click on. haha. Have fun! I’ll miss the bowling team Saturday…

    I’ll have a guest blog ready when you get back. It’ll be hilarious.

  11. You always accomplish so much! What’s your trick!? Have a lot of fun in Mexico!

  12. Kwlli have a wonderful time with your Ya Ya’s on the beach in Mexico and don;t ever put down the margarita glass! I will be thinnking of you, but don’t you dare think of me!! Hugs.

  13. Well you know, one more reason Mexico is so perfect? It was one of mi marde’s favorite places to go…

    I’m sorry to tell you though: Blackberries still work down there. We’ll just have to turn yours off. 🙂

    Love ya!

  14. It all sounds wonderful, but please be careful running with knitting needles while drunk. 🙂

  15. Have fun!!
    Gosh, I need a Mexican getaway about now, too!

  16. Have sun, be safe, and heal.

  17. Have a fabulous (and safe) trip. Play like there’s no tomorrow and please ”don’t forget to laugh”.

  18. You better have a fabulous time!! I can’t wait to see your knitting, which should be crooked if enough margaritas are involved.

  19. Have a great vacation!

  20. Don’t get too sunburned and have a wonderful time. Oh, by the way… have the Mexican authorities been warned you and your ya-ya’s are on the way?

  21. Love the green and yellow bag!

    What are you making with the zippers?

    Have fun in Mexico! I wish I was going!!

  22. Have a fantastic time! Can I come too? It sounds like so much fun!

  23. Enjoy your weekend in Mexico! You always inspire me!!

  24. It sounds wonderful, and like it’s exactly what you all need!!

  25. Have a fabulous time- it sounds so wonderful, I don’t see how you couldn’t!
    Fabulous bags by the way- I love the Marimeko one x

  26. Sure you have to go, you need to store more memories with your beloved ones, I’m sure by what you said about her, that Judy would agree! And those bags are absolutely lovely!
    P.S. Nido is nest in italian, too.

  27. Sounds like the recipe for a wonderful time. Enjoy, mi amiga!

  28. Have lots and lots of fun!! I’m jealous! :oD

  29. have a wonderful, restful time in mexico, kelli! it sounds like a perfect getaway. xo

  30. Absolutely the getaway is a MUST. I’m glad you’re going.

    The bags are fabulous. I may have to dig up that pattern myself. Never made a bag before, but that one is just way cute. I’m assuming you’ve made them for your friends? You rock.

    Have an awesome time. You and your girlfriends deserve it. Judy will love it that you’re all together, having a blast, being happy.

  31. Have a great time, doll!

  32. Just surfin’ the blogs and found you. I wanted to say Hi and nice blog.

    LOVE those Bags!


  33. Have a great time! You deserve a break and some friendly fun.

    I love your cards, btw. Beautiful and simple. Martha would approve.

  34. Have fun and eat some guacamole’ for me too!!!

  35. Have fun on vacation. Sounds like a trip with great friends is perfect timing.

    I love love love that black and bag!! So cute!

  36. You’d be uncomfortable running with those big boobies anyway!
    Have a fabulous trip.

  37. Love those bags!!! I see I’m a little late to tell you to have a great vacation, glad you enjoyed yourself!! It looks like so much fun!!