NiÑo, Pinto, Santo Roscoe

June 16th

What's up little dude?

What to bring one of the sweetest little boys when visiting? Considering Mr. Roscoe has just about everything he could ever wish for, including a gaggle of adoring family, an African parrot and a kitty that regularly put up with his loving ways, perhaps something unique.


Something to throw? Something African? Something that will make him scream like a little maniac?


Yes. How about some stenciled bean bags filled with pintos and backed with some African cheetah love from Mozambique?

Cheetah Bean bags

Drawstring bag

Bean bags tucked inside

Drawstring for the bean bags

They were all wrapped up nicely in a drawstring bag that was promptly discarded at the bottom of the toy chest. The bean bags should have been a little less full of beans; there were a few leaks by the end of the weekend.

My buddy Roscoe

Thankfully, he’s not a seam allowance critic.


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10 Responses

  1. Oh he’s so adorable! I’m sure he had so much fun with those bean bags.

  2. Cute, fun, and personalized – the perfect gift for a perfectly adorable tot!

  3. Roscoe's Mama June 16, 2009

    The bean bags are much adored and have already been tossed up and down stairs, over couches, and right at Dada. They even went into the crib for nap time today. He loves them almost as much as he loves his Aunt Kelli!

  4. What an adorable child and a very clever gift that’s just right for tossing about with glee. Kids love that sort of thing. You are so smart, Kelli!

  5. those are fantastic! I’ve whipped up a few for my son. We use them for everything, they hold books up on a slippery shelf, they weight down hot wheel track so you can build a ramp, they work as great risers for train track. The possibilities are endless! I love the letters on them too, very cool!

  6. That’s a unique and fun gift for a little kid. You sure come up with good ideas.

  7. What a great gift and such a beautiful little boy!! Nice job, Auntie Kelli! 🙂

  8. Those curls! What a heartbreaker Roscoe is!

  9. Tina in Duluth June 18, 2009

    He’s really cute! What a great idea to give him a bag of bean bags.

    It takes me back to the days when I made some for my kids to play with. Not nearly as cute as yours, and certainly double stitched, but perfect for hopscotch and other made up games.