No Bad Days

October 22nd

Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend

Lithium baths, Vail, trail mix, altitude sickness, hot gossip shared in hot pools, skinny jeans, boots, babies, husbands, boyfriends, burritos, margaritas, Glenwood Springs, wine, dogs, travel, parents, siblings, canyon drives, books, movies, face cream, budgeting, music, friends, mascara, Africa, Catch Phrase.

Sue came to visit for a weekend. If you are feeling a shortage of oxygen in the Denver area — that the air has gone anorexic — I apologize. Throw in my friend Sheila and we didn’t stop talking for, oh, three days. And let’s be honest, what makes women happier than talking? Very little. Unless you throw in a spa retreat, great food, board games, a break from children, and a serious confirmation of your values and way of life.

Yes, this blog is cheesy optimistic. (A fair reflection.) And no, I’m in no way as funny as Mini or crafty as Finny — but damn if I can’t make the sweetest friends from this little space. Booyah.




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3 Responses

  1. That looks like so much fun! I have a girls’ weekend coming up with my sister and our two childhood friends (also sisters) that grew up across the street from us. Should be a good time.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. What the heck is a Lithium Bath?

  3. WHATever – you’re WAY craftier than me! Cuter, too. So glad you two crazies had a great wonderful fabulous sounding weekend and I’m SO SO jealous I wasn’t there to crash your gig.

    Big XOXOs