Not a Fan of the Rectal Thermometer

Nelson woke up with goopy eyes this week. I needed to get him in to his first vet visit for a rabies shot and a couple other checks anyway. But the eyes. Oh, man. This dog in any sort of discomfort is already breaking my heart.

First vet visit

First vet appointment

Thankfully, he’s got an incredible vet who took her time and was very patient with this new pet owner. I asked roughly 10,000 questions. Nelson did great with everything but that thermometer. (Ahem. Who can blame him?) He licked everyone’s hands before we left and had the energy to nearly eat a cat in the waiting room as a parting gift to the practice.

(My arms are more tired than my legs from our recent walks. He’s strong. I am not wise to the many ways of Ceasar or any other pet genius and there is apparently a squirrel baby boom in our neighborhood.)

First vet appointment

First vet appointment

{Really? I’m just posting this because I’ve been bombarded with requests for MORE NELSON PHOTOS! Noted.}

First vet appointment

I have completely become that crazy pet owner in less than a week who simply cannot imagine her life without this little guy. Now, off to snuggle that nose.


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  1. Random new dog advice: hook up with a dog trainer or some training classes in your area. We found a great dog trainer right after we got Oscar (also a rescue dog, about 2 years old when we got him) and he helped us learn how to do gentle discipline and work with our dog to make all of us happy and safe. I think Oscar would have walked all over us and become really obnoxious without that. I mean, he still walks all over us because we’re total softies but we’ve defined what is okay behavior and what is not okay.

  2. Awww so cute. My youngest doggie got bit in the eye when he was a pup trying to get a nipple and I have to put ointment in his eye for the rest of his life so I know the compassion you have as a doggie mommy! He looks happy and so do you!! Heart you!

  3. two words – gentle leader. It makes walking Kilima so much easier. She can’t drag me down the street when she sees a cat. It will make walking Nelson much easier!

  4. If the words “squirrel” or “cat” are mentioned in our terrier’s hearing, she is up and looking out the window.

  5. Teaching a dog to walk on a leash is, IMO one of the more difficult things. Not every dog walks nicely with a leash + flat collar. Flat collar, training collar, prong collar, halti, gentle leader… Which option will work for you and your dog? I don’t know, but a good trainer will be able to help with that (dogs wear the flat collar outside of training/walking situations) as well as teaching the more conundrumy-commands (sit and down were easy, but stay, that was a head-scratcher for me). I’m sorry Adam, but simply saying “heel” along with a sharp tug on the leash probably isn’t going to do it. Yes, corrective tugs can work wonders but it needs to be done in a certain way so it feels different than when the dog is simply pushing the boundaries of his/her leash. FWIW I believe in a combination of positive reinforcements, gentle discipline and the idea that “nothing in life is free”. Dogs learn commands with positive reinforcement (for some dogs this is food, for others this is play, and for others affection does it), get corrections for bad behavior with “No!” (and corrective tugs when on leash) and praise for listening to that “no”. And practicing every day.

    That is one snuggle-able nose there. Lots of behind the ear scratches to Nelson.

  6. Good lord! That little face!!! I totally know how you feel about the vet visit thing. It’s so nerve-wracking and awful and almost worse than being at the doctor yourself. I marvel on a daily basis at how much stupid love I can possibly contain for my dog. I tuck her into her doggy bed and snuggle up for kisses every night before bed and tell her how much I love her. It’s my favorite nightly routine. Isn’t that crazy!?

  7. NELSON!!!! Squeee!! I’m a little behind the times and didn’t realize you had a pooch. How totally exciting!! I know close to nothing about training dogs, but I do know that it’s not intuitive (dog-language is not the same as people-language) – so get thee to a trainer/class. You’ll make new friends and so will Nelson. So when do you start baking doggie treats?

  8. Kelli – Juliann is spot on about the gentle leader. He won’t be able to drag you around with it on him. So much kinder than the choke chain thingy.
    Still want more and more pictures of my grandpoop. Keep ’em coming, OK?

  9. Oh Nelson! So cute! I agree with Juliann and Karel, the ONLY way we could walk Elvis (200lbs)Great Dane was with the gentle leader, it helps!

    Keep the pics coming and enjoy Nelson every single second of every single day!

  10. He’s so cute! My dog has recently realized it’s great fun to want to eat other dogs 🙁 I need to go get a harness for him since he got out of his collar when the neighbor dog charged us.

  11. I will third or fourth the gentle leader leash!!! My sister is a vet and recommends it (and uses it for her rescue) dog!!! It is amazing. Another recommendation, a tug-a-jug for meals if you find he is begging while you eat. Tug-a-jug means they can’t GOBBLE their meals. 😉 He is adorable!!! 🙂

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