Not Even A Glimpse of Hillary Pie*

January 23rd


Last night I decided to drive to Ceasar Chavez High School to hear Hillary speak.The high school is only a 12 mile straight shot west from my house, but with the rally traffic it took more than an hour to get there. Finally fed up with yet another hour of my life wasted behind the wheel, I pulled over and decided to walk the rest of the way. I could see the high school football stadium lights; I guessed I was within a mile.
This high school sits in an odd area of Phoenix. Plopped at the northern base of South Mountain, nearby flower fields and farms were recently razed and giant stucco monstrosities were planted in their place. This new suburbia crashes into the pre-existing rough neighborhood once you cross Central Ave. Then, oddly enough, the high school is surrounded by large dairy farms that have fought back developers and keep on a planting in the midst of a sprawling city.
As I got out of my car to walk toward the rally, a man parked his car at the same time and got my attention.
“You going to hear Hillary speak?”
“Yes,” I replied, noticing the full moon was the only light on an otherwise dark side street. The dairies’ thick earthy perfume clung to the night air and I tried not to look at the graffiti surrounding me. “Do you want to walk together?” I asked a bit more meekly, thinking even walking with a total stranger would be safer. “It would probably be a better move.”
By now “Charlie” was out of his car. Dressed in a red, white and blue tracksuit, he looked me up one side and down the other and said, “Honey, I’d be fine out here. But someone’d want a piece of you.”
As we walked, Charlie told me about how he didn’t care for Obama, even though as a black man he thought he should. He also told me how he was a Bush supporter and he was just attending the rally for the historical context. I started to argue with him, but caught my breath when we walked under a street light and I realized Charlie was wearing lipstick. Bright pink lipstick. I hadn’t seen his face clearly until now and I had to stifle a laugh.
I walked into a Hillary rally with the only known transvestite Bush supporter on earth. The fact I didn’t even get to see Hillary because — as the traffic predicted — I was way too late to get a seat, didn’t matter. Meeting a republican tranny was worth all the driving. When we walked back to our cars, he shook my hand and said, “See you around Kelli!” I thought, “Where? The Lancome counter?”

Deep dish pie -- it's what's for breakfast

In other news, today is National Pie Day. Why do I know this? Because I subscribe to Country Living and hunt out opportunities to have any reason to bake. I took the opportunity to make veggie quiche in phyllo dough for my staff and mini quiche for friends.

eggie goodness
hot from the oven
pie crust on the bottom

Here’s hoping you get a slice of something sweet today too!


*Inspired by Waitress.

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35 Responses

  1. Ha! Well that is a modern American tale if ever I’ve heard one.

    You’re definitely making the most of “Pie Day”; lucky friends! The minis look especially scrumptious.

  2. Brantlee January 23, 2008

    hee hee…that is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. btw,the quiche looks delish!

  3. Oh my, that’s too funny!

  4. the pie looks just mmmmmmm….. and so that man (?) you met!

  5. That is hilarious! Although, living in D.C. you see such crazy things, politically speaking. Ah, I wish you had a picture so I could get a visual!!

    That quiche looks so yummy. Now I have a need (and excuse) to make a pie!

  6. Can I say something blasphemous? How much more fun was it to see a Republican tranny than Hillary. I can’t help but think that you’ll get other opportunities to see her, but Charlie? Sounds like a rare bird….

    Happy Pie Day!

  7. Now that is something we all would have liked to see a pic of…pink lipstick and all. Thanks for the chuckles.

  8. What a funny little adventure you had! The world is full of amazing people.

    I completely forgot about today’s pie theme; I even had a note I wrote to myself about it along with a recipe–oh, blast, where is that note? Ah well, I shall vicariously enjoy your lovely photos instead.

  9. wow, that’s a story and a half- I was worried about you for a minute- don’t go walking the streets alone again young lady or I won’t be able to sleep at night!

  10. Now THIS is why I read your blog … a true slice of America 😉

  11. Oh, honey! That needs to be syndicated. I already e-mailed it to my friend, Suzanne. Thanks for giving me something to smile about all day – and probably all week. 🙂

  12. Can I beg you to post the recipe for the mini quiches? They look delicious.

  13. ha! that’s fabulous.

  14. Oh what an interesting life you lead!

    And the quiches look fabulous. 🙂

  15. What an awesome story!!! …and I love that a commenter wrote “Republican tranny”! They just seem to fit nicely together. Dang, that phyllo pie looks scrumptious!

  16. What a funny story!! Glad you were safely escorted by the tranny too! 🙂 Happy pie day (they look so good)!

  17. SERIOUSLY! I missed that for Hannah Montana! MAN! boy if I could only have been there. I can’t wait to hear more.

  18. Great story. Too bad you missed Hill. And the quiche looks delicious!

  19. I was terribly distracted by the pie…. but still had a few giggles at your expense. Great story.

  20. that pie looks heavenly!

  21. hi kelli – i read your blog all the time, but this is the first time i had to comment. i’ve been following the election from afar reading all kinds of stories, articles etc. but this has got to be the funniest yet! thank you for sharing! -kb

  22. I laughed out loud! Too funny.

  23. Larissa Stretton January 23, 2008

    Oh Kelli!!

    That was priceless!! Thank you for the posting. I called my husband in to share it with him too. That was too much! You did a wonderful job of “painting the picture”! and that pie–mmmmm….looks good!!!

  24. OMG. That’s fricking HILLAR-ious.
    Too cool.
    And those mini quiches with the caramelized, crusty sides? Someone’d want a piece of that!

  25. I just knew you would have a picture of your new friend. Thanks for the chuckle.

  26. What a great story!!!

  27. You have all the good stories!

    and remember to vote!

  28. That is a hysterical story. Too bad you couldn’t see Hillary. I don’t think I’m for her, but I would like to hear her speak! 🙂 Lovely pie. I am dreaming about eating a slice of it!

  29. [LMAO]…Ah, isn’t life about the journey and not the destination?! And the people we meet along the way…

  30. Ha… Thats funny… you like a good adventure:D
    Good looking pie, but i wish it was here:)

  31. This has to be a joke. Are you for real?

    (Isn’t this the second time I have commented with the exact same reaction to a post?!?)

  32. That is awesome!!

  33. i love the “Waitress” connection as I thought that was a cute movie. I so think I should start naming all my odd dishes in that manner.

    And LOL on the experience! I love what he said to you! *Gulp* lol

  34. trannie republicans… now i have heard it all. what a fabulous story!!