Not Sew Smart

I purchased a baby pattern this weekend at the local craft joint. Pretty fabric, notions, and several precious hours of weekend time later and I was ready to poke my eyes out with the seam ripper — which was warm from so much use. Needless to say, the project is in pieces.
Am I the only one out there who would pay double for a pattern that was easy to understand? I swear I’ve yet to complete a patterned sewing project* that hasn’t left me shaking and angry at my inability to understand the creator’s directions.
Either I don’t speak “McCalls” or I’m sew dumb.

*The one exception are Wee Wonderful patterns. Hilary gets it. Or I’m fluent in Wee. Your choice.

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  1. I totally agree! I have been sewing clothing for going on 25 years now (I starting sewing when I was 8) and I STILL always prefer to use patterns that are “Easy”, “Super Easy”, or “Quick and Easy”. I am guaranteed success if I make a point to only purchase easy patterns. I also pull out the instructions and look at them before I buy any pattern to make sure it really is easy:) I have noticed that most baby clothing is usually a little difficult – I think it’s that the pieces are so small and there are usually a lot of them:) Practice, practice, practice is the key!

  2. I have to agree…some patterns are so chock-full of some secret language that I do not know or understand. I always have grand intentions and then come home, open the damn thing up and in the end, I either improvise or stuff it all in a bag and say farewell.

    You are not sew dumb. The pattern manufacturers are.

    And I agree…Hilary does do a lovely job of easy to follow, fluff-free pattern writing.

  3. kelli,

    you’re not sew dumb as you say that you are!

    i own 3 sewing machines & yet, i still prefer to hand sew!!! like the wristlet i made for my swap partner, karen…

    i followed the pattern you had so graciously given a link to & i felt SEW incredibly DUMB when it took me hours (yes, hours) to figure out those instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about my seam ripper getting warm>>>it was blazing HOT when i was done with it, lol!!!!

    mary ann 🙂

  4. Yo le tengo miedo a los patrones, de cualquier tipo, ahora revisaba uno de calcetines tejidos y me siento bruta, nunca los entiendo, pero me imagino y uso mi intuici√≥n para interpretar, tan mal no me va… jeje

    un abrazo

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