Not so Iron Afterall

October 16th

I’ve kicked up my triathalon training a bit in the last two weeks and guess what? Today I cannot walk without limping. Yesterday I biked 25 miles and then went for a swim. When I got back on my bike after the swim I had shooting pains in that little muscle on the inside of your knee. You know, the one you’ve never noticed until it felt like a hot poker on your skin? Yeah, that one.
Like the true genius that I am, how did I treat such a woe? I rode home, had some breakfast, took a shower and sewed for about 6 hours. Once my leg was swollen and really pissed off, I decided to take an Aleve. And then some ice. This morning I seemed fine and even managed to get in a cool 4 mile run before my leg started threatening to detach itself from my body and hit me over the head.
Something (namely that stupid muscle) is telling me to take a break. Guess what? I am! I’m off to Mexico for vacation later this week and am going to aleve these woes with my friend Jose and the magical world of quesadillas and sopapillas. I even found me some darn cute new jeans this weekend (before said injury) at the Gap of all places.

wide leg happiness

Gap, I officially apologize. You do, in fact, have some cute, non-skinny leg choices. And you let me use a $10 coupon. So these wide-leg babies cost just $25. Love that. And I love that they are wider-legged than I’ve ever worn. I couldn’t be fighting these 80 trends with any more force if I were trying.

What else did I do this weekend? Why bake, dahling. Of course. It is my new past time. Any correlation to the bigger sized jeans purchased this weekend? Of course not. It must be from all that training and the muscle I’m gaining. Right?

Pumpkin loaves

More pumpkin polenta loaves. These are just so good. I’ve got everyone (grandparents, coworkers, guys at the gym, guys at the bagel shop) hooked. One catch — if you add extra pumpkin, the edges will burn and the centers will be a bit mushy. Just stick to the normal recipe.

woops with the burnt

Good news — there is a solution for burned edges and mushy centers. Leave the cupcakes in the pan until they are totally cool to the touch. This lets them cook a bit longer while in the heat of the pan without burning any more. Then, pull out your magic grater and get rid of that black.


Scratch, scratch scratch and voila — less burnt cupcakes. These were inhaled at my staff meeting today.

Pumpkin muffins, burned edges

Off to ice my leg,

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21 Responses

  1. ooh! Mexico! ooh Vacation! yay!!! I’m happy for you. Enjoy. Relax. Restore. “Fill up the bucket” and have a great time!

    Where in MX are you going?

  2. yeah, I guess I’m just going to have to be oh-so-unstylish cuz there’s no way I’m wearing skinny pants. (and suddenly I can’t make fun of my parents for wearing skinny pants because now THEY are the stylish ones and I’ll be the fuddy duddy-HA!)

    take care of the knee. knees are good things to keep happy. Am very jealous of the Mexico trip, looking forward to your pix!

  3. Give my salutes to Jose & Senor Patron. Nothing speeds up joint rehab like a tequila sunrise (there’s vitamins in there, somewhere).

  4. That pain you feel, it’s trying to tell you something — “STOP, TAKE A BREAK!”. I’m jealous that you get to go to Mexico. My husband will not go to Mexico, (I think he might be a wanted man down there)….just kidding everyone. Anyway have a great time!

  5. i look forward to reading the apology letter you send to gap. he he. and that’s terrible about your phsycial condition. i agree. take a break. you’re still super inspirational. i’m trying to get motivated about exercise. and mexico? really? oh you lucky lucky person. will you be there for the day of the dead? look forward to seeing those photos, too!

  6. Ouch! Hope your body catches up on some R and R in Mexico. And skinny pants are icky. Not even the ultra-skinny look good in skinny pants. Especially leggings. Double ick!

  7. Wow, you are off to Mexico already? Can you sneak me into your baggage? I could do with a trip to Mexico right about now. I’m sorry your body is fighting back about the abuse. When you are drinking margaritas in the Mexican sunset, please raise a glass toward cold and wet Washington and know I’ll be thinking of you.

  8. Good girl for listening to your body…keep doing that. I’m so jealous of your little Flagstaff adventure, looks like you had a great time.

  9. GASP! The Gap. After that speech the other day. LOL! Those are cute! What cut are they???
    Have fun on vaca. I am so jealous!
    Now go ice your leg woman!

  10. ouchy, hope your knee is soon feeling better, exercise always end up in injury, thats what my (limited) experience tells me! have a great vacation and enjoy all that yummy baking.

  11. Oh…Vacation!! Enjoy & relax with a strong cocktail…you deserve it!!

    Love the jeans & especially love the $10.00 off coupon.

  12. Have a great vacation! Ice that leg! 🙂

    BTW, I made the pumpkin scones last week and they were great! I had to package them up and take them to my mom’s to give to my college-age sister who was in town for a break lest I eat them all. 🙂 I may have to try these polenta loaves (and bring them to work so I don’t eat them all– baked goods are a horrid trigger for me but I love to bake)!

  13. More likely it’s the fact that clothing manufacturers are completely schizophrenic. I don’t think they even keep the sizes the same within brands. VERY frustrating.

    Take a break, chica! Relax and let your body heal.

  14. Ouch! That leg sounds painful – you’d better take care of yourself. Those jeans look pretty cute. I may have to take a little trip to the Gap.

  15. Sorry about your leg – great excuse for a trip, though!! 🙂 Have a great time. Your jeans look great [I, too, am fighting the 80’s fashion comeback!]


  16. Have fun in MX, doll – you deserve a break (obviously). You and I can fight back against the evils of skinny jeans and leggings together. That is SO not happening.

  17. Crystal T October 17, 2006

    OMG. I just baked your pumpkin polenta muffins and they are AMAZING! My four year old son is eating his 3rd. Yes! He is eating somewhat of a veggie and dosen’t know it. 🙂 Go vitiman A! Thank you so much for sharing this grrrrrrrrrreat recipe. I hope your leg feels better soon. I do love hearing of your adventures.

  18. oooh! i hope your leg heals in time to enjoy your vacation!!!

    very cute jeans. and good price! very good price!!!

  19. have a great time in Mexico.
    take care of the injury.

  20. Kelli, I want to try this recipe, but is it just cornmeal, or is it actually polenta? I mean, there’s a difference, so I’m confused. This seems like such a good Fall food. Someday I want to make Southern cornbread, with the White Lily white cornmeal, made in an iron frying pan. Problem is they don’t sell White Lily here, and to buy it online is expensive. My friend’s mom is coming to visit from South Carolina, but I hate to put her out, especially when she brings some back for her daughter already. She wouldn’t be able to lift her suitcase!