Not Your Typical Tuna Sandwich

September 9th

Heather, the happy helper

My friend Heather mentioned she had some prickly pear tuna in her yard. Would I want to come over to prevent “borrowing” from neighbors?

Heather's yard before...

Indeed. The prickly pear are nearly over-ripe by now. These ruby red gems were easy to pluck. I used my trusty tools and followed the guidelines I learned in class.


Bucket, gloves, tongs, brush to get rid of the glochids (tiny spines). Heather and I went to town.

Heather's yard after

10 minutes later and I had a bucket full of fruit.

Prickly Pear Tunas
bucket o' prickly pear

Tonight I am taking a giant leap into the domestic foray of canning. Oh, the exciting life I lead. I’m going to get the resident Africans to pitch in too. It should be fun! I’m using a trusty prickly pear Martha Stewart jam recipe. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully post the sticky sweet results!


P.S. Hoping there is some leftover to boil down for a margarita syrup. My Mexican beach vacation is just 4 weeks away and I’m already dreaming of the frozen drinks…

P.P.S. In a true Martha move, I’m planning on putting a couple loaves of No Knead bread out to rise tonight so I can bake them tomorrow to deliver with the jam to friends. I always come up with these crazy plans. I’ll be amused to see if it actually comes together!

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18 Responses

  1. Chica, you amaze me, I can’t even squeeze in sneezing in my day..I must be doing something wrong. Your blogs make me feel a sigh of calmness each day. Thank you! Have you been to Kenya??

  2. Great photo of Heather.

    Hope the jam works out!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried prickly pear. But, I’ve always wanted to try a prickly pear margarita! Sounds so refreshing and delicious. Good luck with your canning!

  4. Have fun Kelli with your jam and caning. Look forward to seeing the outcome!

  5. Good luck with the jam making! If it helps at all, I managed to successfully can a bunch of fig jam this weekend – without burning myself or causing any major disasters. I can’t wait to see the prickly pear jam! Although I could go for a margarita too 🙂

  6. Kelli, you are the Martha Stewart of the southwest. Good luck with your prickly pears…especially with that margarita syrup. Sounds yummy.

  7. I want to try that…

  8. Good luck with the canning. The no knead bread sounds great, would you share the recipe, please?


  9. Hey Kelli, where are you going in Mexico? I’ll be in Cabo in only 5 1/2 weeks. Yay!

  10. Ooh – have fun canning! I can’t wait to see the pretty jars of jam.

    Also, little piece of advice: try to start that canner boiling when you’re prepping the fruits. All that water takes a long time to boil.

  11. Have fun canning. I fell in love with it this summer and plan to do one more (at least) batch of tomatoes this weekend. Maybe some salsa, too!

  12. That stuff is so pretty – I’ll bet it’ll be pretty all canned too.

  13. Have fun and good luck!

  14. I’ve never tasted prickly pear anything. It doesn’t even look edible to me! Hope it all turns out well. 🙂

  15. have fun canning! i haven’t done it personally but my roommates have and i LOVED watching the process.

  16. I hope your jam making experience is a good one. I always like it. I love the no-knead bread, too. So easy and yummy, particularly when slathered with butter and jam!

    Have a great time…

  17. yummy!!! Those look so sweet and juicy. Our cactus/cacti haven’t given us any prickly pears this year 🙁

  18. Good luck with your canning – I’ve never done it and it seems really intimidating. I’m sure you can handle it, though!