Nudu, by Order

Remember that crazy African nudu cap I made for my friend Jerry? Yep, the replica of the hat worn by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame. That hat.
Well, would you guess that hundreds of people each month stop by this site looking for a nudu cap of their own? So say my stats, anyway. I know, it is hard to believe.
That said, I had a fancy movie director in New York City (get a rope) ask me to make him a hat a couple months ago. At first, I balked. I haven’t ever done work by order before and I remember how long this hat took.
Then he said he’d pay me $250. Sold.

Nudu nubs

If you’re stopping by to see a Nudu cap and how you can have one — shoot me an email and we’ll talk. The going price is $200 and the wait is 2 months. It is entirely hand knit and sewn and it takes that long. africankelli at gmail dot com

P.S. This little project just bought my reunion jeans and shoes!