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nudu cap, gray, #3

Guess what I finished yesterday? Yep, the latest Nudu cap order. This one was requested in gray and is being sent off to Illinois later today.

gray nudu cap

These really do take me about two months. By the time I get the yarn, knit the cap and then knit and sew the nubs — I am happy to see it mailed off. I am even happier to receive payment. I’m splurging a bit and buying a new pair of Spring Birkenstocks. Going with yesterday’s theme — I am not buying 10 pair of Payless sandals, as I have in the past. Instead, one great pair I’ll have for years. Last year I bought these and have lived in them. I love this style and they are kind to this runner’s arches.

morning squishy face, nudu

Also, I wasn’t clear yesterday. My school loan isn’t yet paid off. I’ve got another six months to go, maybe less if the Tax gods are kind this year. Fingers crossed.


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  1. That is hilarious. I just purchased the same shoes about a month ago and am sooo waiting for winter to go away so I can wear them. I’m pretty close to bringing them with me and changing into them at work. Congrats on the hat. So fun!

    If you want them in black or brown, I recommend going to shoe carnival. They are around $70, but if you have a friend with a need for shoes you can get another pair for 1/2 off and split the savings…

  2. I don’t where you find the time! What a great way to earn extra money. I am trying to consume less, yet I’m tempted to order my first pair of Birkenstocks-Oiy!

  3. I love those shoes..I’m with you on buying one really good pair and living in them, too..I wear my Sperry’s pretty much every day..

  4. That cap(?) is just a riot. I can only imagine how time consuming it is! And I’m with you – I’d so much rather just have one or two quality items rather than a bunch of stuff.

  5. Your newest Nudu hat came out great, Kelli! I’m sure the person who ordered it will really enjoy it. And what a great way for you to fund new sandals.

    I finally paid off my grad school student loan last year so I know exactly how it feels. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a great tax return.

  6. It was a great feeling when I paid off my student loans!!!

    I came to the same conclusion some years ago…buy 1 good pair of sandals you wear to death instead of 10 pairs that hurt your feet!

    Love the hat….looks like a lot of work!

  7. Sounds like a plan! I am currently wearing a pair of Nine West sandals that I splurged on in my twenties when even Nine West was a real splurge. Anyway, that was ten years and two trips to Europe ago. Just now they are showing some cracks in the soles. But good shoes can be repaired!

  8. Oh my gosh! That hat is a hoot! And it sounds like a PIF (paid in full)Party is in order about 6 months from now, cartwheels and all. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh yeah, and totally with you on the shoes (clothing too), I would much rather have fewer better made pieces than a bunch of junky pieces. Cute shoe choice!

  10. Totally with you on the gizeh sandals. I LOVE my kelly green pair, and want more. They really are fabulous. Quality shoes really are something that I’ve been looking into.. do you happen to know anything about the Keen sandals? Those are in line for my next purchase πŸ™‚

  11. very cool hat. i have never seen anything quite like it. where did it originate? maybe you’ve addressed this before in your blog, but i’m a new reader. πŸ™‚

    i might have to try a pair of those sandals–they look great! i hear ya on the student loans, too. i’m hoping mine will be done by the end of the year! woo!

  12. I may possibly be the only person on earth who finds Birkies uncomfortable. But if they work for you, go for it. Truly you can’t beat them for quality and longevity. And nothing is more uncomfortable than bad shoes!!

  13. Tax God? I knew you would join me in becoming polytheistic!! I’m more worried about the golf god and the fishing god personally. (Even tax gods don’t have the power to take money from someone that has none to give)

  14. I was looking for a hat online for my father’s Birthday present. I came across your blog and the hat you are wearing is similar to the one I am looking for. It is called African Nudu tribal chief’s hat from Cameroon. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top wears it and my daddys would love one. Do you have any suggestions?

    thanks for youe help!!


  15. I happened across your blog while searching for a hat similar to the one worn by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. Do you still make them? I understand from reading your blog that you had some trouble with a minister in Chicago. I’m sorry to read that. I hope that does not discourage you from making more. Please let me know if you’re still willing to tackle the project.

    Thanks in advance,

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