Offering to the Travel Saint

July 21st

Voila -- African wall hanging

What to give a man who has everything? Well, if he is your African Travel Saint, how about a wall hanging? My sweet friend has several homes that are decorated with items gathered from his 30 trips to Africa over the years. I figured a wall hanging celebrating his favorite continent was in order.

African wall hanging -- back

It took a while to put this together, but I am pleased. I needed a refresher on binding, but thankfully Quilting 101 is on my bookshelf. I’m sending this off to Spence later this week with a Blurb book I made of photos celebrating our trip. I think he’ll dig it. Regardless, it was challenging and fun to create.

Maybe I need one of these too...

Maybe I need one of these…


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17 Responses

  1. What does Van Alsburg mean?

  2. Kelli-it looks great and I’m sure he will love it!

  3. That is really great – I’m sure he’ll really appreciate it!

  4. it’s beautiful. he’s going to adore it.

  5. I’m sure your friend will like it, especially because it’s handmade by you!

  6. What a wonderful present, anyone will love it!

  7. It’s lovely!

  8. Very, very thoughtful. I’m guessing that the words mean “thank you.” (??) Just a guess.

  9. What a fabulous gift! Gifts that are conscious of the recipient’s interests are the best of all. And you are always extremely thoughtful in considering such details. You’ve done a wonderful job making this beautiful piece, Kelli.

  10. Melanie July 22, 2008

    Wow! It’s beautiful and I’m sure your thoughtfulness will touch him beyond words.

  11. What a thoughtful gift! Your quilting skills definitely trump mine.

  12. A perfect gift, my dear. Just perfect.

  13. what a fab gift.

  14. Beautiful work, lovely idea, perfect thank you.

  15. What a great gift! And you did a lovely job too. And the Blurb book to go with it is a fun touch as well. 🙂

  16. I am sure this will bring him great joy. But, then again, if he’s read your blog from Africa, he’s had a good amount of joy already! Can you post Blurb advice someday? I am in the process of making one. Are there any tips you have gained in the process?

  17. Kelli-
    This wall hanging is very creative. He will love it, I’m sure. Just the thought that you made it for him will knock his socks off. Very nice.