Oh, hai


Denver 30 was an attempt to step back from my blog for a bit and have more time for other things. For one, I’ve been taking a writing class for the last two months that wrapped this week. It was taught by Nick Arvin, who has published a successful novel, a book of short stories and has a second novel coming out in March. As a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, you’d think he’d be a cocky, leather elbow tweed coat jerk. And you’d be entirely wrong. He is a soft-spoken, kind and generous man who led our little class through a handful of other novels with thoughtful discussion and encouragement on our own projects. I was taken by his humble presence.


There has been a sweater knitting class too. Work travel. Thanksgiving. Ignite Boulder.  And oh, that little holiday in three weeks I spend six months planning for.


Denver 30 — all 110 photos of this lovely city — was an attempt to honor my father. He, who I idolize, isn’t such a fan of what I share on the interwebs. As an an intensely private, quiet man, I’d guess he’s fairly shocked to be in in someway responsible for creating a loud-mouth, all knowing, non-stop attention sponge of a daughter.

I’ve read in several memoirs that in your early 30s, people find a self-confident swagger and stride they could have only dreamed of, say, that pimply year of high school when jeans were never quite long enough to cover awkward limbs akimbo. Or maybe that was just last year, which had decidedly clearer skin, but ankles still in full view.


To my father’s credit, I did spend November considering thoughtfully about the blog. And yet, the plan backfired. The introspection brought me to a tail-feather shaking realization that frankly, you just can’t please everyone.

Let the blog trolls do their anonymous cowardly acts of malice. Let the crowds roll their eyes at my love of Christmas — the carols, the Excel spreadsheet planning of gifts, expenses and mailing calendar, the decorations and the pure joy I find in celebrating. Let the fashionistas laugh at the fact I still have a hard time finding jeans that cover all of my socks. Let the nutritionists scorn my autopsy, which will surely show veins coursing equal parts chardonnay and Diet Coke. Let those without pets snicker how a pound pup could complete change my life for the better.

December 1, 2011

Instead, I have some gifts to wrap, a soda to guzzle, carols to sing gleefully off key and a very happy Willie Nelson Mandela to snuggle.

Shake your tail feathers, Chickens.


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  1. Whohooo, Kelli! For a minute there I thought you were going to say you were going to stop or change. That would’ve made me sad! My veins are also full of diet coke & chardonnay (and sometimes, tequila). I so wish we could hang out in person! Some day, my dear.

    Thanks for the Denver photos – that was a fun virtual tour!

  2. Amen, sister!

    I’ve been having a hard time lately figuring out where I fit in on the ol’ internet. It seems everyone’s gotta be an “expert” on something in order to have a “real” online existence. As a result, this creates these insular online worlds…and the judgement to go with it!

    We’re all wonderfully imperfect beings. I wish more people online would start acting like it!

  3. I think we were destined to be best friends in another life. Along with my love of all things domestic (organic garden, home cooked meals, quilting and knitting for my loved ones), I too have an excel spreadsheet of holiday gifts – this year they are 100% handmade. 🙂 don’t let the downers get you down!

  4. I enjoyed November – thanks for introducing us to your new home. I love that you have a canine companion that you enjoy so much, although I am a little jealous that his teeth are whiter than mine will ever be! 🙂

    Kelli, you live in the west! Tuck those short jeans inside your boots and go!

  5. Keep Calm and Merry On Kelli!
    And pet that dear Willie Pup for me!
    I have finished my shopping, still need to wrap but I am also rejoicing the season!
    We will not be putting up a tree this year as we adopted two kittens this year and well – I like my glass ornaments whole. I will merrily decorate otherwise though – lots of red ribbons – wayyyyyyy up high =)
    If we make it up to Golden this year – I will let you know when.
    Have a great one.

  6. Glad you’re hanging around. I’ve had several bloggers who I rad just burn out or something. I, personally, love it and just take a few days off when I feel overwhelmed. I enjoyed the Denver tour, too.

  7. I have an Excel spreadsheet too…have had it for about 6 years. 🙂
    So glad you are going to keep being the outspoken visionary and creative, amazing woman that you are. And you know what? Your Dad will love you just the same or even more for being the true and phenomenal woman that you are! 🙂

  8. I usually have a Christmas spreadsheet, but not this year. Christmas will be a much simpler affair for 2011. Plenty of decorations and good cheer, along with fewer, more meaningful gifts.

    As for those pound puppies, I think they are the best of everything a dog has to offer. I couldn’t love mine more! And Nelson looks like a great snuggler. 🙂

  9. I read your blog because you have energy, principles, beliefs, and passions and you are not afraid to share them. Never apologize for who you are because you are awesome! And w.Nelson Mandela is lucky to have you and he knows it.

    You go girl!

  10. I know of no other blog that radiates such honesty as yours & I have always really appreciated that in you. Stay true true to yourself, because you really are a wonderful person! xx from The Netherlands

  11. You go girl!!!! I’m a Christmas junkie too – I have a special binder that holds all past years Card lists and gift lists:) Speaking of cards – I LOVE YOUR CARD!! Thank you so much:) I love that last shot of puppy teeth – do you ever kiss him hard enogh that his lips squish up and you get a “teeth kiss”? My husband loves to do that to our two little dogs:)

  12. The best lesson I’ve learned in my 50 years of living? be yourself, always, no matter what. Love, laughters, friends, family, music, reading are the things dear to your heart? Enjoy them and celebrate them. Life is too short for wasting time bother too much.

  13. Your blog so refreshing and true! Merry Christmas to you…enjoy every minute of this season and give your pup a hug from me! I just put up my Christmas tree (artificial) and now I’m going to get my pup out of her crate and see what she thinks of it…last year she was only 6 months old.

  14. Oh excel spreadsheets, how they come in handy at Christmastime! I’m glad for your blog and all the enthusiasm and thoughts you share, keep on being you!

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