Oh Right. The Race!

June 13th

I’m back to the routine, meaning I’m running, swimming and biking up a storm. There’s that 1/2 Ironman (woman) that I’m tackling in October and oh lordie. I just looked at the calendar. That sucker is 20 weeks away. My tri program? 20 weeks, meaning this week I need to get my butt in gear and get going on some serious training.
I’ve got 70.3 miles to tackle, after all.
My hips are sore this week after my morning runs on the canal. And my goggles laughed at me when I finally found them at the bottom of my gym bag yesterday. It had been so long they punished me for neglect by leaking the entire workout. And Ruby? Well, she hasn’t thrown me off lately. I’m still recovering from a nasty spill pre-trip when she got into an argument with a train track and my right side had to lay down the law. As in fall off my bike into a train track on my right side, during rush hour traffic, in the heat. Did I mention the cop that put on his lights to steer traffic away from the spectacle that was my bike/train track crash? What can I say? Ruby’s got a gingery attitude and she’s feisty.

This summer I am dedicating myself to two things:
1. Getting the best shape of my life and completing my 1/2 Ironman with every ounce of spunk I’ve got; and
2. Rewriting and editing novel #1 and resubmitting it to my literary agent friend. He isn’t my agent yet, but I’m convinced he will be one day.

Now, I’m off to research heart rate monitors, cycling computers and tri teams that won’t kill me, but will make get me in smoking hot shape come October when coincidentally I will also be making an appearance at my 10 year high school reunion. Why yes, this race timing is a great coincidence.

Any advice on tri gear? Limiting soda and booze? Replacing my morning bagel habit with a healthier oatmeal option? I’ll take all the advice and encouragement you’re willing to provide. {Putting Ruby up for adoption isn’t an option.}

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  1. Hi K–I love reading your blog and actually have more comments I’d like to make regarding your trip to Africa (I was there in 2005 for 5 weeks and your postings bring back such memories)…but alas, I’ll do that at a different time in the near future! For now, I’d offer a couple suggestions of books to check out for training (you may have no more need of books but these are really good!)
    *Training Plans for Multisport Athletes by Gale Bernhardt (the triathlon bible…has a ‘thirteen weeks to half-ironman for those with limited training time section!’).
    *Triathlon Swimming Made Easy by Terry Laughlin…if you’ve never heard of total immersion swimming, check it out…comes with videos…great techniques to master faster times in open water with less exertion.
    *Workouts in a Binder-Swim Workouts for Triathletes — by Gale Berhnhardt and Nick Hansen…cuz watching a black line for hours on end can get old and this spices it up!

    Wow–long comment…I wish you luck and think it’s great you are doing this!

  2. Wow – that is quite an undertaking! What training program are you using?

  3. I have ABSOLUTELY *NO* helpful advice about getting in shape/training for a triathalon/etc. (I mean – seriously, have you not seen me? Have you not read the blog and been subjected to every facet of my junk-food lovin’ self???)

    HOWEVER – I have no doubt but that *YOU* shall succeed. You are the most disciplined, most dedicated, and most feisty grrrl I have the pleasure of knowing. You’re gonna rock it…


  4. I don’t do Triathlons. Not that motivated. But I own a polar hear rate monitor – very basic. Most runners I know use the Garmin 301 and swear by it. It’s a heart rate monitor, GPS and training record all in one.

  5. Get a Heart Rate Monitor that calculates calories burned. good for reloading when you’re done. I wish I had…

  6. Shoot, I don’t have a clue about fitness training at this level, but I will cheer you on!!

  7. I don’t know how you do it, girl.

    I hope Ruby starts to be nicer to you. You don’t need anymore accidents!

  8. I often visit your blog and admire your creativity and outward focus.
    Good job on going for such a big goal (you can totally do this!) and I can relate to the wipe out. It used to be sand that would trip me up when I biked. And little ravines in the road … they were like wheel magnets! “don’t go in don’t go in don’t go in scchhhllluurrrp!” Sound of tire getting sucked into ravine, me flying over handlebars. ha.
    Feel better. Good luck!

  9. No advices on my part, not being able to stick one single day in any of the diets or exercises I tried!!!

  10. Being so spectacularly lazy that the only exercise I engage in is knitting, I have no advice. But you are an inspiration and are so destined to succeed!

  11. OMG! Forgive me, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image your story about your little mishap on the train track invoked. Oh Ruby…she is a fireball!

  12. Wow, Kelli! You are really motivated and that is wonderful (and inspirational)! You eat a healthy diet so I wouldn’t advise that you give up your morning bagel. It seems like such a nice morning ritual that you have. Unless, of course, you wouldn’t mind giving it up.

    Lolly did some research and purchased a Polar monitor. I, too, purchased one and found it easy to use and accurate. http://lollygirl.com/blog/?p=479

  13. Oy, what goals you have. I’m trying to get myself out for a 1/2 hour walk every day. I feel motivated now but sorry no advice for training at that level. I will watch and cheer yu on tho.

  14. you have my support! unfortunately no advice. you totally are my hero. too much girl. too much!

  15. Gah! Your fitness goals amaze me! You go girl!!!

  16. Superwoman! No advice to offer on triathlons. I do know that when I trained for a 500-mile Alaska bike ride that I became addicted to Power Bars and they hurt more than help!

    Novel? Do share! Thanks for the inspiration, as always, and gorgeous Africa photos.

  17. You are awesome!!!! Of course, I have no advice…unless it’s from a spectator’s view!! lol


  18. Hola from Roatan!

    Advice #1: don’t obsess over the goal, engage in the journey. Use the goal to help you get out of bed, or on the road, those days when you really don’t feel like it, but don’t make it something that looms on the horizon.

    Remember the marathon? You’re a marathon runner, but nobody runs a 26.2 mile race. We all do a series of shorter runs, back to back, then celebrate the total distance. 🙂

    Observation #1: you could probably do that 1/2 Ironman this weekend. It wouldn’t be fun, but you could get it done. Remember who you are.

  19. I vote more booze!

  20. As a writer, I am awed by the discipline it takes to write a novel, then go back and edit it. I wish you all the luck. What is your novel about? Oh, and good luck on your training. One of my friends (43 yr old) just finished her first tri and loved it. Finally, thanks for the wonderful Africa pictures. You are an inspiration to me every time I read your blog. *hug*

  21. Best of luck with the training. Think how fabulous you’ll feel (mentally anyway 🙂 when you cross that finish line!

  22. i’ve never done anything like this but i’d say limiting or ending soda & beer etc. is a good idea. to help the immune system.they’d always tell us to do that durring a production in college. granted no one ever listened because you need the caffine to write a paper after you got out of rehersal (that’s why most of the cast/crew got sick). i’ve never had a coach give the same advice, but hey it can’t hurt.

  23. I’m so excited to see you’re back home and can’t wait to dive in and read all about your trip!!!

    Good for you on your training plan. I need to get motivated (and you’re motivating me). My sofa-to fridge-to snack pantry triathlon for some reason has not been working for me. Seriously though… you ARE motivating me for some positive changes!

    Welcome Home Kelli!!!

  24. I don’t really have any advice for the triathalon. I am totally not a runner or a swimmer. I would think that your morning bagel would be fine though, since you need energy for all the work outs. 🙂

  25. Way to spring from the gates, Sister! I’ve been hitting the gym harder in the last few weeks, and have seen results quickly — I love when that happens. Your goals are awesome!

  26. Yikes! You are gutsy!

  27. hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. Ruby is a lovely name for your sidekick. Rewriting and editing your novel? and you have an agent friend? how awesome! wow. that’s great. i’m sure that he will not be able to resist your charm and excellent writing, and wait, there’s got to be something more, because you ARE a triple threat…. your cooking! so i say, stay away from sodas and very much limit your booze intake. maybe one glasses of wine per week? no beer at all.

  28. Clipless pedals.

    I also like the Gale Bernhardt plans, I actually did the “13 weeks to a 13 hour Ironman” plan a few years back and it totally worked. Obviously you’ve got your training chart in place, but if your readers are looking for it, I believe trinewbies.com has the various 13 week plans on there for free.

    Generally, just do 45 minutes to an hour of something every day, and a long bike and a long run on the weekend – working your way up to maybe a 70 mile ride and a 15 mile run three or four weeks out. As a commenter before me said, it sounds like you could turn around and complete a half tomorrow. So any extra intensity in your training is gravy and will just make you that much fitter and hotter for your reunion!

    Also, I recommend what you’re also already planning to do, which is find some triathlon (or swimming, biking, or running) clubs. Then when your motivation peters out, at least you’ll have external accountability to keep you showing up.

    Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, so I’m gradually working my way through your blog. You’ve been busy!

  29. And I wouldn’t worry too much about what you’re eating and drinking. You’re burning it all up. Do make sure you’re getting enough protein.