July 25th

Weekend inspiration from Flickr

Flickr inspiration for a creative weekend. For more info on these incredible projects (which are NOT mine), visit: 1,2,3,& 4.

I talked to my mami in Texas this morning and she was lamenting how their business is so busy at the moment and she feels behind in every step. The house is a mess. The lawn needs attention. The dog is biting at her heels for a walk. The books need balanced. The car needs washed. And what she really wants to do is sit down to sew.

My week exactly, minus the lawn and dog part. I’m cleaning things off of one desk and starting over a new one. It has been a refreshing and exhausting week. I’m looking forward to a weekend for time to catch up with Singer, my running shoes and my friends. Hope you have a great one too!


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  1. I love the bag on the bottom left — where did you get the pattern? It’s really cute! I’ll be sewing this weekend too!

  2. Om, indeed! Just moving back into my house today after getting it fumigated. Unpacking tubs and tubs of belongings and glad to be home!

  3. have a great weekend!

  4. I’m liking number 4 very much.

  5. Oh, I know what you mean! I was feeling all grouchy and realized that it’s because I haven’t made anything in way too long. (Well, I’ve been making, just not finishing, which is just as frustrating.)

    Good luck with your weekend.

  6. I love the bag on the top right.

    Hmmm, too bad we don’t live closer to your momma. I could send my hubby over. He needs a new job!

  7. Have fun! I love the bag on the top left..

  8. someone has been busy!
    bag on the top right is very cute!

  9. What a great collage of inspiration.

  10. Much inspiration there! I recognized the pinklemonadeboutique bag right away – her work is beautiful and unmistakable!

  11. I love that orange bag (#3). Have a great weekend!

  12. Looks like a lot of possible projects Kelli. HAve fun!