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March 5th

M + M's wedding quilt

M + M's wedding quilt

This is the sewing project I thought I’d never complete. Not because it was exceptionally difficult, but because I was nervous I wasn’t going to do it well. My mom, thankfully, finally talked me through finishing Matt + Mariah’s wedding quilt.

M + M's wedding quilt

M + M's wedding quilt

Remember their amazing wedding in Seattle last summer? Oh, I do. When I wed one day, those two will be in charge of the details. Exquisite party!

M + M's wedding quilt

My mama created the embroidered tag for the back. The quilt is made of squares signed after the ceremony — a folk art wedding guest book of sorts. The back fabric is a capulana from Kenya, where the groom has done a lot of work.

I so love this couple and am thankful to give them something meaningful to celebrate their union.


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  1. exceptional for its relevance to their love and for its representation of your heartfelt thanks for being among their closest friends. it’s just dripping in love and creativity.

  2. Wow, yet another impressive project from your fingertips Kelli. Is there anything that you cannot accomplish?

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL, Kelli!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. What an awesome gift, Kelli. I can relate to the absolute feeling of relief when finishing a quilt. It is a huge undertaking, but it is one that they will cherish forever.

  6. Kelli;
    This quilt is adorable, and you should feel really proud! Congratulations for completing such an enormous project and job well done!

  7. I am the very fortunate friend and bride who received this quilt:):) I was so happy when Kelli said she would design and sew this quilt for us for our wedding. I know she only produces quality handicraft work, so we knew it would be lovely. But the design is perfect–practical, unique, chic and just awesome! This is truly the best wedding gift as it reminds us of our wonderful wedding celebration, our friends and our family who helped us celebrate and of course, of you, Kelli, and all the time and energy you put into it! Thank you!!!!!

  8. And thanks to Mom Donley for creating the embroidered tag!

  9. Very beautiful — thanks to the artist! And what a lovely way to remember the wonderful day.

  10. Great job! I love the idea of the messages. Reminds me of the old table cloths that people would sign and then they would embroider.

  11. Beautiful quilt Kelli! You are so awesome. xo

  12. That is the best wedding gift. Was that your idea to have guests sign fabric for the quilt? Awesome gift. They will LOVE it forever!

  13. Congratulations! It’s beautiful!