On the First Day of Christmas…

December 14th

On the first day of Christmas

I wish for a new presidency.

I am eagerly awaiting the 2008 presidential elections and watching closely as these monkeys in suits debate. I wish I could take certain characteristics of each to make my perfect president. Regardless, in the next four years I hope our country has a leader we can be proud of. I hope this person is a great diplomat who is selfless, dedicated and hard working. I hope this person brings back the world’s respect for our great country and instills a sense of pride, work ethic and determination in our citizens. I hope we are inspired by this leader to be, to do, to want better.

In Stitchers: check out the stash Amy sent Karen and Jan! Wowie! Spoiled and deserving, those two.


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  1. Oh wow, those gift packages look great! And that website made me laugh.

  2. Amen to that, sister! The last seven years have been one long nightmare.

  3. right there with you on that one! I just hope we do get something better this election. It scares me a bit!

  4. Or as Frank Sinatra said, “do be do be do.”

    I was thinking about this this week. Those are the things I want in a president, too: I think minimum qualifications are things like thoughtfulness and respect and compassion and modesty and resolve and a solid passion for Public Service with a capital P and a capital S, but it’s *not* enough that they be a talented, driven person. Very much so, they need to be inspiring for U.S. citizens (regardless of affiliation), and a true diplomat among other leaders – someone other leaders both respect and like.

    Like you, I fear it’s too much to expect all of that in a single package and I can’t figure out which qualities to do without.

  5. I’ll settle for one that’s a different gender.

  6. No comment on the president, I’ve been waiting since the first day Mr. Internets took office!

    But on to more positive things: wow, that loot from Amy is awesome! You (and Finny too of course) should be proud of yourself for organizing such an incredible contest! It’s so cool that Amy herself was appreciative and got involved… I love to see when people who are very successful and famous in their fields are able to stay down-to-earth and generous.

  7. That’s a mighty tall order, especially considering the candidates we have to choose from. Isn’t it sad that there’s no real front runner in either party? I don’t feel 100% comfortable with any of them, Democrat or Republican. It’s all very depressing.

  8. Ah, politics. Enough to make me anxious any day of the week! One of my goals for the new year is to become more politically active locally. I feel so helpless when I look at the big picture, but maybe I can make a small difference at home.

  9. I wish all leaders of the world would be blessed this holiday season with common sense.

  10. It would be great if it were possible to vote for such a person, but I’ve lost all faith and don’t think there is a politician or “big business” person alive that is a great diplomat, selfless, dedicated and hard working. Some may start out that way, but somewhere along the journey those traits don’t seem to stick around.

  11. I’m waiting for the same thing in 2008 too, coz it seems that YOUR President is ruling HERE too, in the old Europe countries……and the damamge he’s done is very bad!

  12. Personally I don’t think anyone could be as bad as Mr. Nucular. That said, it is going to take someone really talented, really smart, really driven and super caring to dig us out of the hole we are in now. Ugh!

  13. hear hear! of course, it’s inevitable that we have a new president, so surely that wish will come true. whether she or he is an improvement over our current administration, we can continue to hope!